10 films to explore London


London is a city of cinema, and not only to live. The British capital has been chosen countless times by different directors to be the perfect setting where they develop their films.


Almost without realizing it we see along the city we found several places we already know, and not to you have been before them, but having them seen seated in an arm chair watching the big screen.


This is why it is possible to discover London in an original way, following in the foot steps of some of the films that have been shot there. There are many and very good. DittoTV has selected 10 great films that travel around the city, in a cinema” route for lovers of the seventh art, or you are able to watch movies online at home by launching movie2k.

Match Point


Considered one of the great works of Woody Allen, this film leaves us plenty ofscenarios throughout the city. Since Gherking office building, where the father ofChloe gives Chris a good work, to the apartment where the couple lived on the banksof the Thames, the Parliament View Apartments.


These are not the only scenarios that offers the film in London, where it is alsopossible to find the apartment of Nola (Glentworth Street) or several theatres thatserve as scene throughout the film as the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, andNola has hearing, or the Palace Theatre, very near the Soho where Chris and Chloe goto see a representation.


But without a doubt it is the bridge from Blackfriars, in full Queen completo Walkwhich has a starring role in the film, as it is the site chosen to throw the ring into theriver.

James Bond


The famous superspy has had more than one adventure in the British capital. We could see it in the middle of persecution by boat on the Thames in the film the worldis not enough, and more recently, Skyfall, where we saw our hero running throughLondon‘s underground Temple, Embankment and Westminster stations.


In addition to persecution, the city gives us scenarios like the Vauxhall Cross building,used in the film as headquarters of the British secret intelligence service, the Old RoyalNaval College at Greenwich, where takes place the funeral for the victims of theterrorist attack, or the interior of the National Gallery, where Bond and theQuartermaster gather and where talking picture “The last voyage of the bold” whichby the way, you will find exposed there.

The Dark Knight Rises


The old Battersea power station was used to shoot the great explosion that takesplace in the film. It is not the first time this plant appears in some movie, because hehad already previously formed part of the film starring the Beatles, Help!, and had alsoappeared in any episode of the series Sherlock.

Love Actually


One of the most famous romantic comedies of the past few years and that also choseLondon as a backdrop. With it we will visit stores Selfridges, where Harry buys apendant from her lover; the Southbank, where Sam has his stepfather that he is in love with; Downing Street, site of the home of the British Prime Minister; or Whiteleys,the oldest shopping galleries of London and is in addition to our next film actor.



With a cast composed of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen,couples and infidelity story still discovering corners of London. Perhaps the mostremembered is Postman Park, a small park located near the Cathedral of Saint Pauland that is a fundamental part in the plot of the film. But in the film is see us also theLondon Aquarium, located at the foot of the London Eye, where Anna (Julia Roberts)and Larry (Clive Owen) have an appointment, or already named above galleriesWhiteleys, where Anna made his photography exhibition.

Mary Poppins


This magical nanny film leads up to the steps of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, where itwas filmed the scene from the selling of bread for pigeons and even the Bank ofEngland, in the heart of the City, and where the small Banks demanded return youyour penny.


Also refers to a house in the area of Camden that could serve as inspiration for therealization of the film House.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill en el banco

Another quintessential romantic comedies was responsible for putting thisneighborhood name on everyone‘s lips. Walking through its streets will find, in addition to the library of travel in which the film was inspired (13-15 Blenhein Street)and the House of the actor (280 Westbourne Park), in addition to the famousPortobello market.


Already out of the neighborhood, the film leads us to scenarios such as the Ritz, nearPiccadilly hotel, or the teatro Empire, a place where the latest film by Anna (Julia Roberts), and which can be found in the number 5-6 Leicester Square opens.

Bridget Jones’s diary


It is another romantic comedies that leaves us plenty of scenarios in London. FromBorough Market, where Bridget buys a snack after his disappointment in love, to yourfloor, over The Globe pub, also in the area of Borough Market.

28 days later


Film with which we follow Jim in your ride to leave the hospital by Westminster Bridge,at the foot of Big Ben, and even the source of Picadilly Circus, hallucinating to find anempty London without people on the streets.

Harry Potter


The great Wizard of J.K.Rowling in this list, who throughout the different films thatmake up the saga is discovering us small corners of London could not miss. The first,Leadenhall Market, a covered market in which was recorded the entry of the LeakyCauldron, which in another of his films was the number 2 of Park Street, on the insideof a flower shop in Borough Market.


On the banks of the River Thames, Tower bridge, Lambeth bridge and the modernMillennium bridge appear throughout the different films. We must not fail to visitRegents Park, in whose terrarium Harry speaks with a snake, or the famous Platform 9¾, which features an honorary space in the interior of King’s Cross Station.


If you are very fan of this wizard not may leave one of London without visit Studiosproducer Warner has in Watford Junction, on the outskirts of London, and where mostof the scenes in the films were recorded.


These are perhaps the most famous, but there are many films that chose London forhis story, some as known as the speech of the King (Regents Park and WembleyStadium), Sweeny Tood (Fleet Street), Sherlock Holmes, V for Vendeta, ClockworkOrange, code da Vinci (Westminster Abbey and Church of Temple), the trap, etc.


The list is endless, so you can always explore London feeling protagonist of some ofyour favorite movies.

The 8 best Peruvian restaurants in London


In London we can find plenty of restaurants and foods from around the world that cater to the most discerning palate.

Know Peruvian restaurant in London?

Here’s a guide to the top eight places to eat the most delicious food of Peru :


Located in the heart of Shoreditch , this restaurant is a subsidiary of Ceviche. It has a bright, modern décor . One of its main attractions is a special menu for vegetarians and other lactose-free . In addition, you can take classes to learn how to cook Peruvian food by appointment.


Ceviche has two locations, one in Old Street and the other in the popular district of Soho . Besides having a menu with a modern twist, this restaurant has a large selection of cocktails made ​​with pisco .

Focus on the hands of a chef starting plant in the background a table with various vegetables
Learn to cook Peruvian food at Ceviche. Source: © / SolisImages


This restaurant includes in its menu the flavor of the traditional Peruvian cuisine with a contemporary and sophisticated touch . This restaurant located in Mayfair promotes Latin American culture in their food and also through music , with DJs to pay tribute to our Latino rhythms.

Floral Lima

This place is characterized by the fusion of Peruvian and British elements in the ingredients that make up its menu . With a cool atmosphere, here native dishes of Peruvian culinary culture are offered. During the summer you can enjoyrefreshing drinks and Peruvian style tapas on the terrace of the hotel, nearCovent Garden .

Table linens and traditional Peruvian dishes containing typical dishes
The best Peruvian food in London also has banqueting facilities. Source: © / Dmitry_Saparov

My Peru

Specialists in making gingerbread craft , handmade, this establishment offers the only catering service for events or meetings . The menu has appetizers, main courses and desserts Peruvian and international food and home delivery to any part of London .

The Dockside Restaurant

The Dockside Restaurant offers superbly prepared classic dishes in a setting like no other. Located on the waterfront where Granville Island faces the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views across False Creek to the world-famous cityscape of Yaletown, waterfront wedding Vancouver and beyond to the mountains of the North Shore.


Located in Marylebone , this restaurant is specialized in seafood and grilled with a touch of sophistication . It also has service brunch starting at 11 am, where you can enjoy a menu with original dishes such as quinoa waffles and more.

close-up of Peruvian ceviche and saucer with lemons center
Delicious Peruvian ceviche. Source: © / Raulumiante

Mr. Ceviche

With a contemporary atmosphere , this place opened in Soho , but originally the project was born in the city of Lima. His specialty is ceviche , made ​​with the best selection of seafood and the cool of the day. Also they offer a variety of flavors of typical Peruvian food that is prepared in sight of the public .


If homey flavors it is, here is a wide range of dishes cooked at home. Therestaurant is located in London Bridge and in the same premises it has thenightclub La Pollera Colora , where you can dance the best Latin rhythms of the city.

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10 corners of film in London

Andén 9 3/4

Without having never visited London there are many who are familiar with the street sand corners. This is because it is a city that has been filmed thousands of times. Many of its areas are known to have been seen on the big screen. From station King’s Cross that Harry Potter crossed the famous Platform 9 ¾ up to Notting Hill streets that were witness to the romance between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant shows us that London is a city of film and movie tube.

A route from London to feel film

From the Iberian offer a guide to the corners of London who have been witness to the most famous shooting in the history of cinema.

1. Saint Paul Cathedral in Mary Poppins

A classic of our childhood that does not pass the time, we all remember MaryPoppins. The 1964 Disney film set in London most famous scenarios. However, we wish to recall the scene from the old bread for pigeons saleswoman.


The famous staircase where small Banks brothers were together with her nanny wasthe entrance of the majestic Cathedral of Saint Paul (Saint Paul Cathedral). A placethat you will not see without sounding in your head Julie Andrews singing Feed thebirds.

2. King’s Cross in Harry Potter

Throughout the saga of Harry Potter, the films have been discovering small corners ofthe British capital, but if we have to choose the most emblematic of all that it is King’sCross Station.


This was the place where the young magician crossed the known platform 9 ¾ thatled him to the Howgarts express. Until today the wall linking the Platform 9 and 10 isstill impenetrable, but the station has an honorary space where you can photograph you as if you were a real magician on the way to school.

3. Notting Hill in the film Notting Hill

It is not so much the attraction of this district of London as it is the romantic comedyof 1999, which we all know of Notting Hill. The film starring Julia Roberts and HughGrant takes us to a small library located in the famous area of the British capital, oneof the most expensive.


If we really want to live a moment of film in London, simply walk through Notting Hill,go to any bookstore and wait for the love of our life come and tell us: “Do not forgetthat I am a girl, in front of a boy, asking that he wants to”.

4. Palace of Westminster in V for Vendetta

The British Parliament is one of the buildings in London that several times hasappeared on the big screen. Is it because basically that it houses one of the mosttourist sights in the world, Big Ben.


There are many scenes that we have seen this emblematic place, but undoubtedly hasa leading role in the film V for Vendetta. In film the 2006 Westminster Palace suffereda huge explosion which reduces the famous landmark to rubble.

5. Río Támesis in James Bond

The River Thames is one of the logos of London. Every day they cross by hundreds of large and small boats, but certainly all remember it by the famous Chase boat that starred in the famous spy James Bond.

In the 1999 film the world is not enough 007 agent played by Pierce Brosnanrecorre this famous water in his boat. Symbols of the British capital as the Palace of Westminster, the Tower Bridge or the O2 arena can be on its way. With the Thames as the protagonist, this scene through the major sights of London giving us one of the most famous moments in the history of cinema.

6. Buckingham Palace in the King‘s speech

Headquarters of the British Royal House, the iconic Buckingham Palace could not ridhimself of being on this list. There are many films in which we have been able to seethis famous Royal residence; However, has a very prominent role in the Oscar-winningfilm of 2010 the King‘s speech.

In it, the father of the current Queen, played by Colin Firth offers a radio speech fromthe halls of the Palace, in order to reassure the British public during the outbreak ofthe second world war.

7. Heathrow Airport in Love Actually

Heathrow Airport is the busiest and connections from all over the United Kingdom.Their Terminal most popular film in the 2003 film have staged one of the momentsLove Actually.

This place has served as stage for start and end of the film, but certainly remember itfor its final scene in which all characters agree to receive loved to celebrate Christmasin family.

8. 10 Downing Street in the Iron Lady

Number 10 Downing Street is known for being the residence of the British PrimeMinister. Without a doubt one of the moments of its history that this residence wason everyone‘s lips was during the controversial Government of Margaret Thatcher.

These years are perfectly reflected in the 2012 film the iron lady. It remember thescene in which the Prime Minister, played by Meryl Street, spent days working on thisresidence to take a decision on the position of Britain in the Falklands conflict.

9. Puente de Blackfriars in Match Point

Very close to the catetral of Saint Paul at the Queen completo Walk, the bridge ofBlackfiars also starred in one of the memorable moments in the history of cinema. It‘sthe film deWoody Allen Match Point. She choose this bridge so that its protagonistChris lanze a ring to the River Thames that will mark your destination.

10. Lively London in the Minions

From the latest film releases a vision of London comes in cartoons. The Minions, Gruspin-off: my favorite villain, takes place in the British capital. These friendly being sescogen Londres to serve his new boss supervillain, Scarlett Overkill.

But is not only the city is the only British touch that has the movie, also has hismoment of the English Royal family. The minions will have the difficult task of stealingthe Crown from the honcho of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth.


How much money do I need to buy House in London

Buying a home is a great investment, then it will not only be your place of residence, but it allows you to create heritage. However, do so with the help of a financing and not counted, generates a long-term commitment that has a direct impact on your portfolio.

Therefore, before undertaking this long adventure you must analyze your finances and determine if they are healthy, no large debts and with good savings. The good health of your portfolio is the green light that indicates that Yes you can deal with a commitment for the next 15 years.

The next step is to know what you need capital to cover the initial hitch (which prompted any bank or Sofol) and pay the extra costs generated when they give you a credit.

In addition to this initial amount, which comes directly out of your savings, you must do accounts to find out how much money you have to the payment of the monthly payment.

Initial capital

This disbursement will be allocated to the following areas:

Hitch. It is the percentage of the total value of the House that is not funded by the Bank or Sofol and must cover with own resources, either their own or family savings. In Mexico the banks and Sofoles only finance 80%-95% of the value of the property.

It is recommended to allocate the highest amount possible to hitch, it is money well spent, since 100% of this amount will go directly to your debt. In addition, between more money proportions as hitch credit will be smaller, so the monthly fall and throughout the life of the loan, you will pay less interest.

Unlike the hitch, the following three items, are payments for procedures that will make the financial institution, is a capital that will be not reflected positively on your credit.

Commission for opening of credit. Depending on each institution, can not be or be up to 2.7% of the amount of credit requested.

Research. The average fee is between $500 and $800 pesos. This research is related to your credit history.

Notary public expenditure. It includes the notary fees and the management of each of the required paperwork certifying that the property that you buy is free of charges, that there are no debts of water, property or other services.

Notary public spending also contemplates the payment of rights to legally register your name as the owner, as well as the payment of taxes on the purchase.

Depending on the town where the House is located, this expenditure varies. The average range is between 6% and 10% of the value of the property. The notary is assigned by the Bank or a Sofol.

Commercial appraisal. With this document it is estimated the market value of a property according to their physical characteristics, finishes, infrastructure and location.

The Bank or Sofol requests assessment based on it to determine the amount of credit that you will grant.

For example, if the property is being sold at $1,000,000, but commercial valuation dictates a market value of $800,000 and the Bank or Sofol provides up to 80%, in this case it will finance you 80% of $800,000.

The price of this document varies according to each institution, but estimated to be 2.5 thousand on the price of the House.

Check out our INFOGRAPHIC: If my house cost a million how much money need to disburse?

Savings plan to reach the goal

If you do not have this ‘cushion’ don’t get discouraged, we suggest you this savings plan to achieve it.

• Determines the total value of the home you wish to buy.

• Calculates the monthly payment that you pay if you buy the House today and add a 10% (covering maintenance and annual property tax).

• Open an investment account and deposited the amount monthly.

• If after six months you realize that if you save that amount does not reach you to cover your other expenses, then you’ll have to redefine your plan, because you now know that the monthly payment that you thought you had to pay is too high.

• If you did you accumulate six months of savings without mishaps, congratulations! because you can buy that House you want knowing that your income permitting you comfortably.

Long does it take to save enough

If the previous year do it by $8,000 pesos a month for three years, at a 6% annual investment account, your savings accumulate over $300,000 pesos, which are sufficient to cover initial expenses of a House more than one million and the hitch really what does not seem so difficult?

This plan not only achieves the goal of saving for the down payment, also shows you if you have the economic capacity and the discipline that involves assuming a mortgage in toronto before you even sign for it.

Real case

Applying the expenses above, look at how would run into a credit of different ranges:

If the House you want to buy costs $800,000, suppose that you have requested a typical loan with Banamex to a term of 15 years, the amount that will finance you the institution (80%) will be $640,000 pesos.

Required initial outlay: $224,970
Hitch 20%: $160,000 pesos
Commission for opening of credit: $14,400 pesos
Appraised value: $2,070 pesos
Research: $500 pesos
Notary expenses: $48,000 pesos
Monthly payments: $7,888 pesos
To verify income: $27,953 pesos

With the help of each institution simulators, available at their website, you can this information and play with different percentages of hitch and the property value. Get your own exercises.

How much you can spend each month

Once you know approximately how much initial money you need to apply for a loan and you know if you have it or where you can get it, you need to know with how much money per month you have to a mortgage payment.

This task is simple, but you must take care of every last detail of your monthly expenses.

The first is put on paper how much desire. In addition, your net income (what you get after taxes).Consider your payment of payroll, and supplementary income for business and investment in this line.

Now, calculate how much you spend, considered all the headings, because only thus you’ll meet really your borrowing capacity.

Calculate your expenses on transport, food, tuition, credit card, entertainment, insurance, expenses monthly savings and extras.

Although it is not a cost to devote at least 10% of your monthly income to savings must be contemplated in your monthly payments table.

How much must be for mortgage

The ideal percentage is 20% of the monthly net income and the tolerable is 30%. We recommend do not exceed 25%, as so you have money available for some unforeseen.

As you can see, the issue of income is important but the cost is not more. The golden rule says: do not commit more than your income vs. your expenses allow it you.

Our advice is that the best time to bind to a credit is when you have enough hoof to pay advance payment and your income allow you to conveniently pay your monthly payment. It will be less stressful, “tighten their belts” does not work, in a short time what you twilight is the neck.

Immigration Lawyers in London, England

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Noise problems? Learn how to soundproof your home in London


Silence is synonymous with comfort in home ownership, but few of those who reside in a city have the privilege of enjoying it. Traffic, machinery, neighbouring… In general, we learn to live with the noise pollution. However, everything has a limit.

European legislation sets in 65 decibel threshold from which the sounds that surround us become annoying noise. Local regulations reduce this limit in the interior of a House to 35 decibels during the day and 30 at night. When they are exceeded, even our health and our nerves are affected.

In that case, it would have to consider a reform to soundproof the House, or at least some of the rooms. When we talk about soundproofing we refer to reduce noise to a reasonable level, because it would be difficult and very expensive to carry out a total isolation.

Interior Glaze company experts advise, as a first step, an acoustic measurement of housing. The trouble to listen to the neighbors who support the constant passage of trains is not the same. Every problem requires a proportional solution. Yet it may pose some general solutions to achieve greater comfort.

Sound reduction techniques

  • Soundproofing means to increase the material between you and external sources of noise. Windows take the sound with greater ease than the walls. Walls absorb sound, but don’t cut it completely. Most of the owners do not like to use professional sound-absorbing materials because they are unattractive. Common household items can be used to reduce the sound. Hang heavy curtains and install secondary double glazing to eliminate unwanted noises and sounds. Thick rug on the floor to reduce the sound. These ideas can also make the room more efficient energy.

Professional soundproofing materials

  • If the aesthetics of the room are a secondary concern, the use of professional soundproofing materials is a solution better than curtains and carpets. There are many types of study and soundproofing foam materials, and they can be purchased online or at stores such as Guitar Center music. Foam Basic looks somewhat like a carton of eggs. There are materials that are designed for specific frequencies that can greatly improve the sound in a room. Most of these materials can be purchased by the foot or yard.

Rooms within a room

  • The best option for acoustic isolation is to create a “room-inside-of-room.” In essence, built a high wall about a foot outside the original and fills the space with foam acoustic insulation. You will also need to build a secondary ceiling and fill the space between it and the original with sound insulation foam. You can hire someone to do this for you, or, if you have some knowledge of carpentry and framing, do it yourself.

Free Instant life insurance quotes in England

The general protection  of what life throws your way is important, so without England life insurance instant quotes are so important.

Life insurance helps provide you and your loved ones with a sense of financial security in the event that something happens to you. There are a variety of ways that you can use life insurance to ensure that you and your family are safe, no matter what may happen. Get free life insurance quotes will help you make an informed decision, economic about which insurance company of life that is best for you.

No matter where you live, the purchase of life insurance should be a priority. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that can provide quotes free instant insurance of life in England, such like the best term life insurance from Mississauga. Many of these companies can offer various types of life insurance coverage to suit your personal needs.


A very popular offering life insurance company is Sainsbury. This company offers a variety of insurance products to sell. You can get a budget without the use of its Internet-based system citing. Simply answer a few questions fast on the type of coverage desired, the type of policy, amount of coverage, gender, and whether or not you are a smoker. In a few seconds you will receive a quote.

Sainsbury is only one of many companies offering individuals a number of different options and benefits for customers. This company offers coverage of life insurance from five pounds with increased there rates depending on the needs of personal coverage. Sainsbury has a choice of two life insurance options, including reduced level and insurance. In addition, if you should die or suffer a terminal illness while you are covered under the term of the policy, you or your beneficiaries will be les paid an amount to both lump sum.


Another company that offers free online life insurance quotes instantly is Aviva. This is also a very popular company which offers a variety of products and services. When you access their web site at, you can start the process of getting a free quote. On the web site of Aviva, you will be asked a series of questions that lead to your quote. Some of the questions include the type of coverage, the length of coverage, and the amount of coverage required. All these questions have to be answered in order to receive a quote.

Aviva is a provider of insurance very popular in England. They also offer a range of services in the context of life insurance plans. One of these advantages is the ability to get a terminal illness and / or a pilot critical illness life insurance. Aviva also ensures that their rates will never rise.They also offer the level and decreasing life, individually and jointly coverage insurance, and you can help to buy an insurance product tailored for specific additions depending on your personal needs.

England life insurance companies

It is always good to have a number of companies available where you can get quotes free instant insurance of life in England. You have a number of companies to choose from allows you, as the consumer, to have more options. Similarly, more options means you have the possibility to choose the life insurance that is right for you.

Important considerations when buying a safe

To obtain insurance, there are a number of factors that you should consider. A very important element is that some of these policies do not have a value in cash-in. This means that if you stop making the monthly payments or that survive to the policy, do not receive any fund to pay to the insurance company. For many companies, for example, insurance coverage will end 30 days after payment was lost.

Prices of cash value life insurance, however, are more expensive if you opt for this option. To measure the amount of money that will pay for life insurance, it is possible that you want to look into obtaining a fixed rate that does not change ever, provided that it maintains the same level of coverage.

I hope that you will not find a dentist in London.

If you are looking for a dentist in London, maybe you will get close to half in the hope that you will not find one. A very significant percentage of people are much more afraid to dentists, and although it might be actively looking for a dentist in London, faced with a problem, a problem or just for a general check-up, many people are almost relieved, if you can ‘ t find one immediately.

The problem is that, although many people are concerned about seeing a dentist in London, these concerns are unfounded. Not only that, but that as the fact that a dentist in London is a very different experience from years ago, see a dentist out of pure fear or anxiety often can lead to more problems in the future.

If the teeth or gums start to cause no concern at all, perhaps because there is a small chip, bleeding gums, pain, discomfort, or any type of damage, inflammation, or other cause of concern, it is imperative that a dentist in London sees itself as soon as possible.

If it does not, then the problem will only worsen, and these can have disastrous consequences. A relatively small and simple treatment that is done before treatment can prevent often more severe in the future. If in doubt, have a dental Checkup by a dentist in London.

The range of treatments available today are much broader than the treatments you can expect to be offered a few years ago. A good number of people who are looking for a dentist in London, only for check-ups and general cleaning, but many more people today more than ever, you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in London since the cosmetics for teeth treatments now are way more easy, more rapid, more easy, more comfortable, pain-free and affordable to improve your overall appearance.

It’s very easy to underestimate how much of a difference from a good set of teeth can make. Look in the mirror now and have a good, hard, long look honest to your teeth. It is almost certain that it is not white, and you can have the tooth that is particularly strange creepy.

Perhaps you have filled many years ago that look like large rocks located in the cavity, and can not be converted chipped teeth, tooth loss and many other problems, which added a set of teeth that there is nothing to smile about.

As a saying of Dr. Mark Civin, Palm Beach Gardens Dentist, USA: “Smiles of the people is important – is one of the main ways of communicating with others. You have a choice – either keep your mouth shut and hide the teeth of the world, giving the impression of being a person miserable and devoid of confidence. Or you could smile and endure everything, so to speak”, but I understand that this is to reduce their appearance.

Not only that, but the teeth can really was a person for several years. A cosmetic dentist in London can help treat teeth in a variety of ways, offering several different cosmetic treatments, each of which could make a big difference in the overall appearance of the teeth, to instantly take years of its appearance, improve your smile, you look healthier, and giving a value of a whole lot more confidence. You will smile more than ever!

But what are the types of treatments that a cosmetic dentist in London would be able to offer? Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, but when it comes to teeth, is more accessible, less visible, and yet makes a big difference in your overall appearance and confidence.

Tooth whitening is, of course, treatment and more evident than a cosmetic dentist in London is able to offer. This will open the cream or brown teeth in only a matter of minutes, which provides you with a set of white teeth like pearls that can be proud. But in some cases, you’ll need more than that.

You can choose to their old crowns and grey fillings replaced with new ones who feel more comfortable that not only will last much longer, and can be coloured to perfectly match the neighboring teeth, making them virtually invisible. This can have a real impact on health and the apparent age very quickly.

Tooth whitening for invisible fillings, tooth replacement of color and shape to fit perfectly with the existing teeth for veneers that can immediately transform a discolored or stained tooth to its former glory, a cosmetic dentist in London could help you to look younger, feel more secure and regain a winning smile.

Top 11 stores in the world where you can buy London natural liquor

The unique Master Wine French, Isabelle Légeron, has drawn up a list with their favourite places in London where the latest trends in natural liquor to taste.


It is one of the few bars in London where all wine offering naturally, therefore, is deserves to be on this list. Opened by Brett Redman and his partner Rob Green (also has the Pavilon in Victoria Park, as well as an incredible bakery under the arches of the modern London Fields), Elliot´s not only offers extraordinary food and good drinks. Many of their products are served directly from Borough market and their burgers are definitely among the best in London. Address: 12 Stoney St, London SE1 9AD (+ 44 (0) 20 7403 7436)


40 Maltby Street

Located low arches of the railway of the Maltby Street, number 40, find another place “all natural”, which opens only 2 or 3 nights a week. With an wide range of bottles and glasses at reasonable prices, is one of the best bars with London natural wines, because the more expensive bottles, less margin present, so bottles that appear to be inaccessible in any other place, are visible in this bar. It is also a perfect place to go Saturdays when the Maltby Street and the Spa Road markets are open. Spend the morning enjoying the best croissants from “The Little Bread Pedlar” London or drinking a roasted coffee typical of the area, in addition to buy supplies for the weekend in biodynamic butcher shops in the area. Address: 40 Maltby Street, London SE1 3PA (+ 44 (0) 20 7237 9247)

40 Malty Street

Snoqualmie Tobacco + Liquor Company

Come visit Seattle liquor stores on the snoqualmie Indian Reservation. It takes only 20 minutes from Seattle just off of Interstate 90 at exit 27 next to the Snoqualmie Casino.

37500 B SE North Bend Way
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
Open 7am to 10pm Daily

From the West
Take I-90 East to EXIT 27. Turn left (North). Follow North Bend Way around curve.
The Snoqualmie Tobacco & Liquor Company will be on the left.

From the East
Take I-90 West to EXIT 31. Turn right (North). Follow Bendigo Blvd to North Bend Way. Turn Left (West) on to North Bend Way. Head west approximately 4 miles.
The Snoqualmie Tobacco & Liquor Company will be on the right.

From Auburn Take Hwy 18 North to I-90. Head EAST to EXIT 27. Turn left (North). Follow North Bend Way around curve.
The Snoqualmie Tobacco & Liquor Company will be on the left.


River River Thames is one of the landmarks of London and Wapping is a beautiful place to discover and explore the history of the river. Sailors and shipowners, living in that area, which became famous for his “execution dock”, where the pirates were hangedand their bodies thrown and submerged in the water due to the tides. The Victualler opened a year ago and half, and its name is due to those who provided food, drinks, etc to the boats in the past. It is a place charming to relax with a glass of natural wine, a plate of British oysters and a little bit of bread made in the surrounding area. The decor of the bar is composed by a Victorian screen at the bottom and luxurious leather sofas. Address: 69 Garnet Street, Wapping, London E1 W3QS (+ 44 (0) 20 7481 9694)


Today, it is rare to find good food establishments where chefs are concerned in the same way that wines from the food. But forClaude Bosi, owner of the Michelin-star restaurant “Hibiscus”, there is nothing more important than the “art of the table”, in which the drinks are a fundamental part. In addition to offering one of the largest selections of natural wines that can be found in London, the menu of the Hibiscus is linked with seasonality. This means that instead of simply giving to choose a main dish, it invites customers to choose from a list of seasonal ingredients. Hibiscus food are some of the hidden gems of London, from £35 per person, you can enjoy a 3 course menu with a value unique and delicious, in the heart of the neighborhood more elegantLondon. Address: 29 Maddox Street, London W1S 2PA (+ 44 (0) 20 7629 2999)


Green Man and French Horn

El Green Man is possibly one of the best options as prior to the dinner that exist. Located in St Martin’s Lane, in the heart ofCovent Garden, this cosy restaurant is an old pub that greet thousands of fans to the theater through its doors. Specialized in all things from the Loire, in the region of France, the Green Man celebrates the longest river of France, with an wide range of fish and seafood. As one of the foci of natural wines in the world, the Loire boasts a wide and excellent range of colours and styles.Address: 54 St Martin’s Lane, WC2N 4EA, London (+ 44 (0) 20 7836 2645)

Green Man and French Horn


Beginning of the 2000s, Antidote (at first known as La Trouvaille), was one of the first places in London to offer natural wines on its menu, and continues to do so today. Thanks to its central location in London, a stone’s throw from the Carnaby Street, is a good stop for all those that will buy the West End. It is an available on the groundfloor informal with small plates wine bar orrestaurant on the floor above, if it is preferred to sit quietly. Address: 12A Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RR (+ 44 (0) 20 7287 8488)



This restaurant in East London, belonging to the same group as Soif, Terroirs and Green Man and French Horn, which servesnatural wines and good food, is perfectly located next to the colorful Columbia Road Flower Market, which opens on Sunday. This is one of the last vestiges of Elisa Doolittle Covent Garden; It is best to visit towards the end of the day, as flower vendors begin to decrease their prices. Like neighboring shops and galleries, Brawn is charming, with friendly staff and hearty dishes with a choice of natural wines. Address: 49 Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green E2 7RG (+ 44 (0) 20 7729 5692)



This cozy and casual bar in the heart of the wild Soho offers a variety of small dishes on the menu that changes every day. They have many wines that are offered by the glass, so it is a perfect place to try a variety of wines, along with dishes priced for the value of its ingredients and not its size. Ducksoup is also located at other points of the city such as the Old Compton Street, Chinatown and Leicester Square. Address: 41 Dean Street, London W1D 4PY (+ 44 (0) 20 7287 4599)


The Remedy

The Remedy has a dynamic list of wines that changes often, with many by the glass options for adventurous tasters. Offering style tapas dishes and a good selection of toast covered with ingredients such as tomatoes, liver of chicken, caramelized onionand oregano. Located very close to the Park Regent, one of the most beautiful of London. Address: 124 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6PG (+ 44 (0) 20 3489 3800)

The Remedy

Noble Fine Liquor

If the Sun is shining in London, there is nothing better than a picnic in one of the many parks in the city; after all, it is one of themost green capital of throughout Europe. Take a good wine bottle natural and some provisions of a gourmet store nearby before going to Victoria Park. If suddenly it starts to drizzle (very typical of London), you can always finish the bottle in one of theVietnamese BYOB restaurants in the street near Kingsland. Address: 27 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4PH (+ 44 (0) 20 72549737)

Noble Fine Liquor

What are the laws of divorce in England?

It is not just simple as preparing document for Divorce in Arizona, AZ, divorces in the United Kingdom can take as little as 16 weeks, if there is any problem with the documentation and each Party cooperates.However, before presenting a petition for divorce, it is important to understand that there are certain laws on divorce in the United Kingdom. Before you visit a lawyer, you know the basic concepts of the law of divorce in the United Kingdom.

¿Cuáles son las leyes de divorcio en Inglaterra?


Most people know that people often cites the same reason for divorce to the see the celebrities that are revealed in the television. Like ‘creative differences’ when a band is finished, many people seeking divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”. In fact, there are five different grounds for divorce and a couple must belong to one of the categories before seeking a divorce.


One of the five grounds for divorce in the United Kingdom is adultery. This is when one of the spouses or both, have an extramarital relationship. Unlike some of the other reasons, the adultery refers to unreasonable behavior and allows to happen an instant divorce instead of lengthy trials. Divorce can only be for reasons of adultery, when in fact occurs and must have evidence. If this is going to be based on adultery, it must be filed within six months of discovering this.

Irrational behavior

Irrational behavior is applied to all areas of the divorce. It is the reason behind divorces because it is very broad. Unlike the Declaration of abandonment or separation with consent, irrational behavior allows a quick divorce. This is for situations in which there was no adultery. In short, the majority of people who cite irrational behavior can not stand to be married a second most for a variety of reasons: spouses can fight constantly, have little or nothing in common, or have been left to love.

Desertion and separation

All divorces presented with desertion, two years separation with consent and five years separation with consent of take time so the couple is separated for a time prior to the divorce.These take no less than two years. After the period of time, the couple may submit a decree, but it can be denied if any of the people opposed to divorce.

Presentation and service

To get a divorce in the United Kingdom, both parties must submit certain forms and documents for the divorce is granted. First of all a party must file a petition which includes provisions for children under 16 years. After the presentation, the Court will examine all the documents and will ensure that all requirements are met. The divorce will be delivered to the respondent (the spouse who did not divorce).

Recognize and confirmation

The defendant must return a signed statement of treaties and recognition to court within 28 days of the broadcast. The signed agreement and an affidavit are delivered to the applicant (spouse presenting) and all information should be verified as true by the petitioner. Once it is sent back to the courts, to be given a Decree Nisi after the approval of the divorce. Six weeks and a after the granting of the Decree Nisi, the petitioner must request a decree absolute.Once this is approved, the divorce is complete.

The future of traveling in London: Trips to space, resorts under the sea and hyper-personalization.

Skyscanner introduces the third part of the study “the future of travel”, where advances we will look like in 2024 travelers experience when you decided to embark on a journey. The report predicts how the space travel and the depths of the oceans will become holiday destinations over the next decade, and stays in hotels, will be created to measure based on the needs and give you individual.

Space, the final frontier for the most intrepid tourists tourism
According to Skyscanner report, in 2024 travelers may discover the low-Earth orbit and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic of the earth curvature from a ultra high altitude. And in the future more than 10 years, trips to orbit will be something more than simply go up and down, will be sufficiently long to savour a fascinating environment and alien. In fact, according to a recent study by the search engine, 63% of Spaniards would like to travel to space, if they could afford it. 1
Until then, those who want to travel to space, will enjoy a similar experience in resorts that are built on Earth, and that have spas with zero-gravity, as well as slippers and space observatories where guests will experience weightlessness.
According to Filip Filipov, Director of B2B Skyscanner, “the space travel will be a revolutionary milestone for mankind in general, but what is even more exciting is the transfer of technologies to space exploration can contribute to commercial aviation. A regular traveler can fly from London to Sydney in just 2.5 hours, is what will make travel even more easy and fast, breaking the boundaries of time.”
Trips to the bottom of the sea, choice of fashion in 2024
Journeys to the bottom of the sea will be a choice of more conventional, becoming the choice of fashion in 2024. Currently, already there are destinations that offer room underwater hotel in Dubai, at the Atlantis Hotel, Poseidon and Neptune suites, but it’s luxurious rooms under the sea, in hotels located in land. 2 the options that will be offered in the future will be complete resorts under the sea, including spas, gardens and pools with Aquarium Windows and offering guests the option of leaving Earth with diving equipment.
The hotel rooms of 2024 and hyper customization
During the next ten years, advances in technology will also that the hotels offer guests high levels of customization to the Charter, which will enable them to enjoy customized experiences through their mobile devices. Travelers can book rooms where everything from the temperature of the air, the pressure of the shower – is adjusted specifically for them. The walls of the hotel room will be fully interactive able to play movies, show images and visualize their loved Skype calls and even provide private in-room work spaces.
Rooms at hotel of the future will incorporate the latest technologies to provide additional comfort for the guests.Pillows with integrated electronic devices offer massages to help fall asleep and wake up service, while guests with jet-lag will have light boxes to adjust the time decompensation. The skin and hair of guests will be improved with showers that will have infused water with vitamin C, while advances in 3D printing will allow guests to print what need for grooming, including tooth paste and shower gel.
Discovering new destinations
Boast about the destinations that we visit, will be an important reason why we travel in 2014. With the growth of Chinese tourists travelling to destinations such as Paris or New York, i we look for destinations and unique experiences to amaze your friends and family. As a result, the “prohibited zones” – areas such as Afghanistan and Iran currently considered inaccessible by conflict – will become new attractive destinations by tourists. In fact, some little-known as Bhutan destinations are already seeing an increase in the interest, and as searches reflect what Skyscanner has increased up to 40% every year and that for 2024 is expected to be a fashion destination.
Skyscanner report is the result of an investigation in depth in collaboration with The Future Laboratory and 56 experts in trends of the future and technology industries the full report you can read or download and also includes paragraphs one and two, published earlier this year, that examines how emerging technologies will change the way in which we will book our trips , and how will airports and flights over the next decade.

How to find work in the United Kingdom

If these pose you work in London, or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, know how and where you have to look is very important. The employment situation in the United Kingdom currently not as well as they paint it, demand is far outpacing supply, but you can multiply your chances of working if you know how to do it. That is why in this article I’m going to give a series of guidelines and tips that will help you and probably your job search will be more fruitful.

Job Centres

The Job Centres in the United Kingdom come as Spain employment offices. In them you not only request your social security (NIN) number but that they also offer job search services. To do this, all Job Centres have special, publicly accessible machines and completely free use where through touch screens you can see all the job offers published in the national system of British employment. You have many search options and you can filter by city, by sector, by types of contract and even search for keywords.

buscar trabajar reino unido uk londres job centre empleo

In these lists you can find all kinds of work, from which required high qualifications as engineers or doctors, to work not qualified as waiters or kitchen helpers. Once you’ve found the job that interests you, machine gives you the option of printing a ticket, where is a summary of the offer in addition to contact information. This information varies depending on the work as some give you a phone number where to call, others an email address or even others ask you to deliver your CV in person.

For jobs requiring you to call by phone, in the same Job Centres there are public telephones where you can call for free, making it more comfortable is almost impossible!

To use all job search services offered by the Job Centres is not necessary to register or request quotes in advance or anything. So just go and find a free machine where to start looking for work.

There are Job Centres in all the districts of London and other cities and towns in the United Kingdom. You can find the closest to your home or office through the following link:  find jobs near me

Door to door

Another technique common to look for work is known as door to door. It consists of print you multiple copies of your resume and go by delivering them in stores, shops, bars and restaurants where you can see posters that are searching for personal or directly in those who most want to work for you. It is very important to always ask for the owner or director (manager) of local and deliver directly the curriculum at them, and if you leave it to any employee that your CV ends up directly in the trash can.

In these cases, remember that the first impression is essential, so it is very important to always be well dressed, arranged and try to demonstrate your level of English. Don’t be shy and tries to always keep a smile on your face. Keep in mind that the worst that can happen is that they say you don’t need staff, so don’t shy and always take all the nose as possible.

Looking for work in this way is not easy, but patience and persistence are your best weapons. Do not give up at the first hurdle. See making rounds for several areas or types of local weekly. You stop using public transport and go on foot to all sites. You’ll see how you can find many local which you do not know their existence and many others who have posters where people seek. This is very common in pubs and fast food franchises.

buscar empleo trabajar reino unido londres ofertas


Internet is another great source of information on vacancies and employment. In the United Kingdom there are plenty of web pages where to find employment, but undoubtedly quintessential website to find temporary jobs and low skills is GUMTREE. Actually, gumtree is a website of classified ads where you can find everything, but one of its prominent sections is that of work. Gumtree you works classified sector, both through town as well as make searches by key words. Each day are published hundreds of new jobs only in London, so this is a page you have to save in your Favorites and access it daily.

Remember also that in diary of a London you have a section where you can find jobs in specific London for Spaniards. Every day I make a compilation of vacancies that I find in the different web pages of the internet and the public in the use of the blog section:

Temporary employment agencies

As in Spain, in the United Kingdom there are also companies specific work temporary (ETT) search. These companies are typically organized by sectors and stand out due to the fact do not charge you anything to get a job. You just have to go to one of their offices, which will make you a personal interview and will make you the tab. Then when a job that matches your profile, call you so that you go to work. My recommendation is that you notes to all that can.

There are so many in the United Kingdom that is almost impossible to make a list complete, but here you have a website where you can find a list of companies of temporary work in London, classified by sectors.

In the hospitality sector, temporary work companies having more fame in London are as follows:

Abbey Recruitment: 18 James Street Marylebone W1U 1EQ – 020 7495 4342
Admiral: 55 Eastcastle Street Mayfair W1W 8EG – 020 7580 8446
Angel Human Resources: 4 Union Street SE1 1SZ Southwark – 020 7940 2000
Capital People: 18 London Road SE1 6LF Lambeth – 020 7620 0950
Mayday: 21 Great Chapel Street Soho W1F framecounter – 020 7439 3009
Reed: 69 King Street W6 9HW – 020 8748 9733
Solsbury Solutions: 109 Chiswick High Road W4 2ED – 020 8814 8903 Chiswick

If you know some more let me know through comments. The more you have the better!

Advice and recommendations

Under no circumstances, I recommend the use of employment agencies. In recent years are proliferating many of them and often you sell the bike by telling you that you will find work in Exchange for paying a figure descabella of money. These companies don’t do anything there is no AIDS described in this article, therefore, there is no point pay money to have someone make you something that you can do on your own for free. These agencies all they do is keep track of all the employment opportunities that come out and you send which are more related to your profile. You are also running in temporary employment, but keep in mind that all of this is free and you can do it on your own. In addition, none of them is guaranteed you are going to find a job, so you do not throw the money and now that I have already explained how to do it, get you work on your own!

If you are looking for unskilled jobs and are willing to work for what you go, it is important that you have prepared different resumes with different profiles. If you are looking for waiter job, prepare a CV that record have waiter experience. If you are looking for in cleaning, put that you have experience in cleaning, and thus with everything. If you are looking for nanny work, for example, and all your experience is office or waitress, forget about that you take. For unskilled jobs there is a lot of demand, so prepare yourself always job-specific resumes since if you do not have specific experience in the sector they were not going to hire.

And well, I think that nothing has not forgotten me. Anyway, if you want to contribute any advice or know some trick to work that has worked for you, you can let us know through the comments. Thank you!

Gastronomy and food in London

London is one of the most expensive cities to eat. However, there are interesting alternatives to resist the budget and enjoy its gastronomy.

Gastronomía de Londres
Fish and chips, typical dish of London

London is the ideal city for the palate experience international flavors since not characterized to have much culinary tradition, but rather by offering the best tasting from different parts of the world. However, the online magazine about food and drink includes:

  • Fish and Chips: this simple dish has become in a few years in one of the most requested quick meals in the city. It is fish coated with potato chips. Ideal for children, when there is little time for cooking or when there are few minutes for lunch. The bars and restaurants prepare it quickly
  • English sausages: there is no restaurant that does not offer them, they can be prepared in a different way and they are almost always accompanied with a potato puree. There are pork and veal and can also be combined with various sauces especially prepared
  • Meat pies: are fritters fried or baked, stuffed with meat, chicken, mushrooms, or kidney
  • Roast Beef: is the beef that is usually flavored with a very special English mustard. Is usually also serve with vegetables (broccoli, potato and carrot)
  • Apple pie: is the dessert par excellence. This apple pie is one of the most requested and consumed by the British sweet. Also eat many other cakes, fruit pies, that Yes, it must be covered with a crunchy layer of dough

The food offered in the restaurants is expensive. London is complex, but not impossible, to get affordable prices when it comes to trying to eat out.

A survey in London is tipped in favour of “return the Malvinas to the Argentina”

55.17% of the readers of the English newspaper The Telegraph (the online version of The Daily Telegraph) considered that the Malvinas Islands should be returned to the Argentina. Thus concludes a survey promoted on the web site of the newspaper, with an editorial line next to the more conservative sectors of Britain.

At the time of the writing of this note had participated a few 23.730 readers of the voting, which is done from a story that reports on the obstacles imposed by Argentina to the mooring of English ships.

To the question “should Britain return the Falkland Islands (sic) to the Argentina?”, 13.119 readers responded that Yes (55.17%); 7083 which not (29.81%), and 3560 were of the view that the islanders should say through a referendum (14.98%).

Results from the poll promoted by and Survey Cool. Photo: Screenshot


Query result comes one week after the actor Sean Penn –however of ‘archaic colonialism’ presence military British Islands and after that the singer Roger Waters you claim Argentine sovereignty over the archipelago.

The Daily Telegraph is the newspaper of largest circulation in Britain, with an average daily circulation of 635,000 copies..

Psychics in England

Tarot in England

Psychics in London for Latinos and Spanish residents in England wanting to know your future in Spanish. We all know that London is a cosmopolitan city where many Spanish speaking people residing there and today we give you the chance to meet your future in Spanish, attended by tarot readers and psychics Spanish to make you feel at home.The tarot has infinite meanings through the combination of the Tarot cards, and talking about the amount of Tarot readers consult our experts and are so wise. Love Tarot, Tarot from work, Egyptian Tarot, for all what better way to understand the meaning of tarot in Spanish. Through our Tarot by telephone from England you can consult the Tarot by visiting our website or dialing our toll Local London phone 208 099 7660 and ask for your query Tarot and Clairvoyance. In a city like London where you live at a frantic pace sometimes do not have time for reflection of our own lives and therefore in “I conocermifuturo” we want to offer that time, your moment to visualize a goal and clearly what happens in your present, and your future holds. Always with all humility, clarity and sincerity. Tarot in England, designed for you, to try to help clarify these doubts whether of Love, Work, Money or any situation that you have in bewilderment. Psychics in England 24h service to you, because you never know when you may need us.


Although there are times that health professionals talk to us in Chinese, the truth is that everything seems easier when you have what’s wrong and what treatment to follow in your own language.  For this reason and because going to the dentist is a the hardest decisions we make in Mama London we made ​​a small list of dentistry and dentists who speak Spanish and offer their services in London and other British cities clinics.

If you know someone else, I appreciate a lot that mandarais us an email to editor@mamalondon.netto add to this list thanks! 

Spanish Dentist London. It has two clinics in London, one in Maida Vale and the other in Northwoods, both north and northwest of the city. Dentists are Spanish, colleges both in Spain and in the UK and offer emergency sevicios addition to the usual treatments.

Phone: 0753 857 3387


Elite Dental Albuquerque has a team that speaks Spanish, Italian and English. They are 5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station, in the heart of this London. Especialides offer surgical treatment (implantology, extraction of third molars) or orthodontic as well as restorative and aesthetic dentistry (laser whitening, veneers).

Phone: 020 7283 7907



The Neem Tree Clinic has the Dr. Barroso Gonzalez , a Spanish dentist that takes over 6 years working in the UK. The clinic is in Canary Wharf, next to the buildings of the Barclays and HSBC (Churchill Place) and open on Saturdays.

Phone: 0207 516 0063

Fleet Street Clinic is a multidisciplinary private practice and, among other medical services, offers service dentistry with Spanish speaking staff . It is the most central of all, behind The Strand, a stone’s throw from Charing Cross Station and Trafalgar.

Phone: 020 7353 5678

Apple Dental Care (NHS) provides qualified, gives private, serving NHS patients in multiple languages. It has several professionals who speak Spanish.

Phone: 020 7610 0101

Is it safe with security cameras London? Interim response: no

Every Londoner is filmed 300 times a day for some of the 40,000 surveillance cameras installed in the city  (4 times the number of security cameras installed in Birmingham), a “privilege” that will also enjoy the millions of tourists who come this summer to the call of the Olympics. Have you achieved all this surveillance system, which some compare to Orwell’s Big Brother, reduce crime in the city and elsewhere in the country? No , says a new study. Yes … with shades , the Metropolitan Police defends.

It is not known exactly how many surveillance cameras are installed in the UK, but the figure varies between 1.8 and 4.2 million (adding public and private). Almost all municipalities have succumbed to video surveillance, some at the expense of reducing police street patrols. In total, local governments have spent 515 million pounds (700 million euros) in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV, the report prepared by the civil rights group Big Brother Watch (BBW) reports CS Monitor .

All this for what ?, they ask. According to figures from the police themselves only solves a crime per 1,000 surveillance cameras . And all the gigantic system of control of citizens did nothing to stop the looting last summer and the terrorist attacks in 2005, activists reported. The police defend: the presence of cameras deters many criminals commit crimes and also cameras are used not only to prevent crime but also to control traffic or “rescue a driver who has fallen into the Thames”.

BBW members say they are not against the security cameras, but to divert resources from other chapters, such patrols neighborhoods. According to the report, the money spent on cameras have served to 4,400 police on the streets. But, aim, chambers of closed circuit of Perfidious Albion we also have provided unforgettable moments as e policeman who was himself persecuted believing he was a thief or that squint looter , who was arrested after riots in London thanks to its unmistakable at the same squint a security camera.

Rental of equipment and furniture for Catering & Events in London


A wide range of 2,500 products for rent, ranging from Art on the table (tableware, glassware, cutlery, decorative objects), banquet furniture (chairs …) and office supplies


A service exclusively dedicated to decorating for events


With Ecommerce dedicated:
sale of decorative objects for parties, weddings and anniversaries

Our philosophy is based on the following grounds: Security, Creativity and Reactivity


In our services, we operate an effective organization.


In our products, assembly and design of decoration.


Through the strength of our business, organizing our logistics, availability and professionalism of the services.

With over 30 years experience, chair hire London handles small and large projects with the same quality of service and the same availability. Our service targets both individuals and companies, administrations, associations, caterers and event organizers. We offer our services to a reception of two or several thousands. If you want to rent art elements in the refined table, adapted furniture or kitchen appliance effectively in chair hire London will find what you are looking for.

Personal trainer to work in London

If I’m not mistaken this is the first offer that comes to trainers or fitness instructors and may be fine if you have an acceptable level of English . The duties of this position include helping clients achieve their goals and their personal health to individual level. Are being sought ambitious people, who have a passion for working within the field of health and fitness industry. It will be important to present a diploma certifying you as a graduate INEF or titles of courses to be personal or similar coach.

City:  London

English level:  Medium-High

Instructions for requesting the workplace:  You must send the  formal curriculum vitae  in English to the following website: Personal trainer NYC

Degree in Mechanical Engineering in London. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering programs in London

Mechanical Engineering

A degree is a degree of four years and is the standard for higher education in most of the world. Bachelor’s degrees are available in state universities, private universities, community colleges and universities across the Internet.

A degree program in Mechanical Engineering with vong bi NTN inhabits the development and maintenance of control systems and transform energy. Technical skills are facilitated to ensure that graduates develop and produce devices used to make human life easier. The engineering course launch careers in a wide range of fields from medicine to education, among others.

UK, United Kingdom is over 300 years old and consists of four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK has been a center of learning for the past 1,000 years and has many ancient and distinguished universities. Foreign students represent a significant proportion of the student population at universities in the UK.

London is the capital of the UK, the most populous region, where the royal family lives. It has the largest concentration of higher education in Europe, with 412,000 students from 43 universities.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Get all Bachelor program information and contact the school in London here!


Cheap fashion in London

The shopping streets of London are full of fantastic shops you can buy the latest fashion without the high prices of haute couture.


This low-cost brand is very popular among fashion addicts. The catalog is constantly changing and often find their shelves garments inspired couture debut a few weeks on the catwalk. The two shopsLondon Primark largest is in Oxford Street, one in Marble Arch and the flagship store next to Tottenham Court Road .


A favorite of celebrities and stylists, Topshop has a huge selection of cheap clothing and accessories. When fashion icon Kate Moss loves this store and has even designed her own collection. The flagship store in Oxford Circus is a total experience. Over four floors, you’ll find a vintage section, designer collections, large and small sizes, accessories, footwear, menswear and more.


Combining high fashion at affordable prices, clothes Zara is well made ​​and stylish. Their simple garments have triumphed in the world of fashion and some of its clients are the Duchess of Cambridge, Selena Gomez and Coleen Rooney. The Spanish chain is the most expensive among the cheap shops, but still a great place to find a bargain, particularly stylish clothes and head scarves.

Forever 21

The store Forever 21 came to London in 2011 and offers shopping on Oxford Street and Westfield Stratford . They are very bright spaces full of clothes, from basic tees to dresses, to modern designs directly coming from the parallel, all at low prices.

New Look

If you are looking for the latest trends at affordable prices, go to New Look . It is ideal for creating a good wardrobe jeans and shirts, shoes and boots and find the best price. In addition, New Look has its own collection of jewelry, with pieces to last at great prices.

TK Maxx

If you’re a savvy shopper certainly stirring in TK Maxx ‘ll find more than a bargain. His philosophy is to provide great brands at affordable prices, from clothing to housewares. The flagship store of Charing Cross has four floors and lost looking for bargains, and about 5500 pairs of shoes on sale!Daily, new stocks to the store, so do not just one visit.


To find the latest fashions on sale, go to H & M . Basic’ll find good quality at great prices, plus colorful outfits and trendy. In addition, H & M has demonstrated its fashion credentials collaborating with many famous designers and exclusive collections. Your bid varies by store, but has Menswear collections, Maternity, Child and large sizes. The flagship store in Oxford Circus has a shoe department, relaxation area and 80 testers.


Japan’s Uniqlo is ideal to acquire informal attire as a cheap Gap. It offers modern shirts, trousers and knitwear and warm colors at last. Uniqlo has a selection of men’s design changes very often. If you wear casual but fashionable, take a look.


Claire’s is a vibrant shop full of cheap and modern fixtures. Often you will find a wide selection of earrings on sale. Get all your glamor bracelets, necklaces and bold glittering crowns at good prices. If you are a fashion goddess, you’ll find everything you need to complement your outfit by a few pounds.

River Island

To get a bold look that will not break, go to River Island . There are, studded jackets and monkeys to tribal prints. You’ll also find modern accessories and footwear. Pop star Rihanna has designed a collection for the chain.

Dorothy Perkins y Burton

If you are looking for wardrobe essentials at reasonable prices, try Dorothy Perkins . In the store you will find basic as jeans, cardigans and elegant work clothes. It also has a wide selection of beautiful dresses, large, small and maternity sizes. In most stores, the men’s department, Burtonoffers a good selection of pants, shirts, shirts and suits at good prices.

My experience studying Accounting (ACCA) in UK

Many friends have asked me TIPS to study here in England and I finally found some time to write and share, AT LAST :)

When I decided to travel to England, my goal was to raise my level of English in one year, since my plan was to improve the language and so on a career.

I came to England and started with English classes for a year. Here society and the environment help you express yourself using your language and expressions, jokes and laughter I learned. Of course the beginning was difficult, because I noticed with surprise that my English was very low, and I could never use it in conversation, but over time, I went ahead and improve my English in order to reach my goal.

I met many people learning English, studying in the park in summer with our drinks and sandwich or on the terrace under the sun, that was fantastic! Finally when I got my diploma in advanced English, I I said it was time.

Then I decided to study ACCA , for those who do not know is this program, tell them that is a very demanding Professional Qualification in Accounting /  Sydney CBD Bookkeeper , which is valid as a university degree, although not studied at university, and is monitored and evaluated by the body called ACCA , well known and respected here in England and in several countries worldwide. (More Info and register and if you can validate your Bachelor of Accounting, in your country, visit the website )

To pass ACCA exams, you have to study thoroughly, give it time and have strategies in order to pass.  Tips: You should know how YOU learn and you get a good tutor. I found LSBF (London School of Business & Finance)

LSBF is a school that offers classes with the best teachers of the medium, and also facilitates the free online classes. If you missed a class you can see there repeated and repeated as many times as you like until you learn and understand, plus you can ask your questions in class attendance.

There are many options LSBF offers, you can combine your MBA or ACCA with MASTER in finances, also with classes SAGE (accounting software, companies popular in England) and also you can take for free.

If you want more tips / recommendations on how to study and how teachers let me know and informs you, so write down my email:

This college in turn offers courses in English; professional courses such as CIMA, HND Higher Education courses, courses and Media Arts, Fashion, Hospitality and others , so you can start from scratch learning English here and then choose what you like best for your future. Another advantage of studying here England, is that as students get discounts on transport, museums, theater, shopping, food, etc.

Let me know if you want more data and write me and share more about my experience and of course I can you recommend good schools should be looking for something with good price and quality education for now Finito, I hope you’ve been helpful.

We are in contact.

10 architectural icons to meet in London

Is very close to begin the celebration of the XXX Olympic Games in London, and if you are lucky enough to be in the English capital, certainly not want to miss the new facilities built for such an important date, including the Olympic Stadium and the famous Aquatics Centre of Iranian Zaha Hadid. Although one of the most controversial is a new tower, called: “The Arcelor Mittal Orbit” , a tower that does not go unnoticed and intends to be the new symbol of London.I have not seen even in person so I reserve my opinion until that happens, meanwhile I recommend visiting these 10 architectural icons of London, some old and well known and others new and still somewhat hidden, but I’ve enjoyed by equal.

1. Picadilly Circus

He is best known site in London and where everything ends and everything begins. The word “Circus” refers to a circular open space acts as intersection of several streets. Its location in the heart of the West End, its proximity to theaters and major shopping areas, which have become a tourist attraction in the making. His presence in pop culture is legendary and this has contributed to accentuate his fame. It is also the meeting place in central London and it is not unreasonable to meet someone known (and not live in the city). How to get there?

2. London Monument

The London Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the rebuilding of the city after a fire destroyed much of the city, known as the “Great Fire of London”. With a height of around 50 meters is the perfect place to enjoy a panoramic view of the skyline of London, especially the Thames and the City. The column has no lift so visitors can be done only on foot, but there is a camera transmitting live images for people with reduced mobility can also enjoy the view without having to climb. How to get there

3. The City / Gherkin Building

After admiring the views of The City, London’s financial district wide, it is natural to begin to explore on foot. Among the many skyscrapers that we find in the City, is possibly the most famous of London, 30 St. Mary Axe, also known as the “Gherkin” or pickle. After the Lloyd’s building is the most unique of the City due to its shape, and the second tallest building in the district, with 40 floors and 180 meters high. Designed by who else but Sir Norman Foster, the building was opened in 2004 and now undeniably part of the skyline of the city. Unfortunately, being a private building is not possible visits. Getting there

4. Canary Wharf

Speaking of business districts, Canary Wharf is another great business complex in London, located in the Isle of Dogs, formerly one of the busiest ports in the world. In fact, its name comes because of the enormous maritime trade that existed in the Canary Islands. If you love skyscrapers in this district you will find the highest three across the UK, One Canada Square, HSBC Tower and Citigroup, all surpassing the 200 meters. Although not a tourist area itself, adjacent to the Thames area is perfect for bike rides. Getting there

5. Leadenhall Market

This Victorian covered market located in the heart of the City, is an oasis of color within the fauna of steel, concrete and glass is the City. Brimming with pubs, restaurants, food stalls, florists, and even selling art supplies, has become a tourist attraction thanks to his appearance in the saga of Harry Potter. Curiously, will also step site Marathon during the Olympic Games.Getting there

6. Camden Town

This is the neighborhood that houses one of the most eclectic and interesting markets around London. It features indoor and outdoor pools where you can find many shops for all tastes, including many of cyberpunk, goth and alternative rock aesthetic. It can be said that despite being full of tourists, remains a London neighborhood. The area is full of restaurants for all tastes, pubs and nightclubs. Sadly, it was the neighborhood where he lived and died singer Amy Winehouse. Getting there

7. Tower Bridge

The most famous drawbridge of London, which has appeared in countless films and is the protagonist of all the postcards in the souvenir shops, can not be ignored. The bridge system consists of two towers linked by two upper walkways, each tower supporting one of the Lifting parts of the bridge, which can be tilted up to 83 degrees to let the maritime traffic. Opened in the late nineteenth century to connect the City with the Borough, has become one of the most representative symbols of London. How to get there?

8. Tower Bridge House

Private office building designed by Roof Repair, and located in the vicinity of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, this building stands as one of the new London representations of sustainable architecture. The glass facade is designed to optimize energy consumption by regulating and allowing plenty of natural light and proposes a scheme totally free plant pillars allowing full flexibility of space. Only for hardcore lovers of modern architecture, but within walking distance of Tower Bridge, you will not go unnoticed. How to get there?

9. Millenium Bridge

This bridge connects the Bankside with the City and was one of the works inaugurated to mark the Millennium. The innovative design also Norman Foster, caused countless headaches.Overcoming the initial budget by more than two million pounds during the opening day more than 90,000 people visited the bridge, sometimes taking more than 2,000 simultaneously, triggering a series of vibrations which forced close two days later to be reopened in 2001 after major operations are strengthened and an additional five million pounds. Large also wrong.Getting there

10. City Hall

Another building for lovers of Foster (you’d think all of London is projected by this man), was designed to house the seat of government in London. Its translucent nature is to demonstrate the “transparency” in all the efforts of the government and its distinctive oval inclined responds to try to evade the direct light from the south and take the north. The building has certainly elegance and exemplary treatment of materials like steel, which not only serves as support but also becomes a decorative element. It is essential to visit inside. Getting there

To complete the experience, I recommend these other London attractions:

Golden Jubilee Bridge

Lloyd’s Building

Trafalgar Square

London Eye

Driving in London

In London there are many public transportation options, but if you decide to drive, get ready with our guide.

UK has an extensive public transport network, but if you want to drive in London or use a car while you’re in town, there are some important details you should know: such as the British drive on the left.

Easy access to London via the motorway network in the UK, as well as many major roads. All highways cross the M25 round London. There are good road links to major airports and ports. You can also bring your car or motorcycle in the UK by Eurotunnel or ferry.

Legal Requirements

Is it legal to drive in Britain with valid driving license from outside the UK until after 12 months of arrival. However, it is essential that the vehicle is properly secured and in good condition. For more information, visit the website of the Agency for drivers and vehicle registration .

Under British law, the driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts. It is forbidden to drive with a mobile device in hand. It is compulsory for children to ride in special seats. Motorcyclists must wear helmets. In addition, there are very strict laws about driving under the influence of alcohol. Check thewebsite of the Ministry of Transportation for more information about legal requirements for drivers.

If you drive in Britain, you should obtain a copy of the Highway Code, which details the rules of the road, including traffic signs. You can read it online on

London congestion charge

The congestion charge applies to drivers of most vehicles on central London between 7:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, except holidays and between Christmas Day and New Year. The affected area is clearly marked with signs and markings on the street. Motorcycles and electric cars do not have to pay the tax, or may request a discount. Disabled drivers are also exempt but must apply in advance. For more information about the London congestion charge, see page congestion tax TfL (Transport for London) .

Parking in London

Parking in London can be tricky, especially downtown. Looking ahead close to your destination before leaving parking. The company NCP (National Car Parks) manages about 100 car parks in London. See the NCP website for more information. If you want to plan ahead, check Parkopedia to find sites that park at the destination.

Rent a car in London

At airports, train stations and seaports in London there are many car rental companies, you can book in advance. There is much competition, so we recommend that you compare prices, car models and agency locations to get the best deal, and always use a reputable company such as Europcar .

In London airports and other locations throughout the city you can rent vehicles adapted for disabled drivers. For more information, visit the website Mobility Center .

Services service and drive tours

If you prefer not to drive yourself, you can book a London taxi or minicab service or service. Thechauffeured services include airport transfers and drivers who pick you up and take different points of the city you want.

As with rental cars, there are many services with driver in London. Be sure to use only the operators of rental vehicles licensed as Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services and iChauffeur .

The call of London’s East End

Urban art, gastro-pubs, cafés, boutiques , curry houses , art galleries and even a dozen markets. The East London Industrial long since changed face. It is (as they say) just steps from the City and starts tourists and curious to the flagships of Camden and Notting Hill.

The East End was born as industrial suburb outside the walls ofthe city medieval. It was literally the east end . A slothful, districtdirty and marginalized ; crowded factories, epidemics (plague, typhus, tuberculosis), prostitutes and criminals. He lived French Huguenots fled during the wars of religion of the sixteenth century, first. And then, Irish, Jews, Indians and Pakistanis … Hundreds and thousands of immigrants who sought where then was the world’s largest city a better future. For late 90s (and thanks to urban regeneration policies of the Thatcher era), the ever-mutating This industry changed the face; and not long after, he managed to make a place next to Soho and Covent Garden intravel magazines and trends. It is the fate of those who reinvented itself.

1. Brick Lane (or Banglatown)

Brick Lane Street.

Territory trendy, fashion, indie, hipster thousand times spicy.Brick Lane Street is the heart of the Bengali community. In fact, popularly this area is known as Banglatown. The street long as her own, is a mixture of smell curry, musicbhangra from Bengali and brick tea shops galore. It is (as they say) just steps from the City and starts tourists and Londoners always curious to Camden and Notting Hill. Cafes, markets, art galleries, boutique shops …Bustle, people and street stalls there are at all times, but to see it in all its glory, you better go on Sunday.

2. Street Art (and the work of Banksy)

Sample of urban art.

Males between 28 and 35 years old, tall, blonde and probably born in Yate (Bristol).The data about their identity are uncertain and details of his biography are unknown, but the name of Banksy is already a benchmark in the increasingly thriving British street art. In the East End, the starting gun gave him. Then came Roa, Invader, Ronzo, Conor Harrigton, Don Smith or C215. Street performersfrom all over the world who filled bricks Brick Lane (and vicinity) with his artwork; some of stratospheric dimensions. They are satirical pieces, optical illusions and naive scenes of comic appearance or call (pleasantly) attention of passers and bring his head to cleaning services. Latest: guided tours not to miss detail.

3. Curry houses and gastro-pubs

Indian lunch at Preem & Prithi.

Toe, competitive and morecreative than that of Soho. The East End is a lot among street cuisine and gourmet . The phenomenon of the moment are the gastro-pubs: pubs to English (with good prices and all his british accent) converted the culinary arts. Also the curry houses , famous for its Indian restaurants offer bring your own drink, come stomping. The guise is easy: they do not serve alcohol and saves the same in the license, and you bring it yours.Whatever. Beer, wine, champagne … the super to the bag; and bag at the table. If you prefer something more conventional, do not miss Pizza East , pizzeria ultramodern installed in an old factory bacon; Nor Hawksmoor (with the best steak in London) andPoppies, an institution of the famous fish & chips.

4. Spitalfields and Columbia Road

Old Spitalfields Market.

The markets of the East Endcrowd the area between Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Bethnal Green, and tear popularity to Camden or Portobello. They come to give and take: the Spitalfields is one of the oldest in London.Sell ​​designer clothes, vinyls, jewelry, magazines and photo collections vintage ; that ofColumbia Road Market offers plants and flowers (and seeds, bulbs, fertilizers …). As for its aroma it’s worth knowing; that ofBoiler House Food Hall is a gourmet market. It is hidden (no sign identifying it) and it is hard to find. There you can try the Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Turkish cuisine … Then there are those ofBrick Lane, Sunday Up, Backyard, Whitechapel, Roman Road,Petticoat Lane, Broadway … All with the corresponding surnameMarket at the end.

5. The City, vertical district

View of skyscrapers ‘Cucumber’.

Although strictly not part of the East End, The City is one of the main sites of East London.Theirs is to start the tour at the beginning of Queen Victoria Street (previous stop in Blackfriars Bridge, the eighteenth century), access to the heart of the most important financial center in Europe. From there you can walk to the neoclassical Mansion House, official residence of the Lord Mayor (Mayor of the City); the colossal Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, and the Guildhall, the official seat of the city council of the City. After only be launched at the sky, and look (or find), in the clouds, some of the many skyscrapers that have made ​​this district a vertical city. The cheese grater, the cucumber , thewalkie-talkie … Everyone has their street name.

6. Whitechapel

Interior of the famous The Ten Bells.

Multiethnic, spicy (again) and world famous for being the scene of the crimes committed by Jack the Ripper. The Whitechapel is a neighborhood of narrow streets, trash on the floor and red brick buildings.Testimony of political trends in the area is the Freedom Press,a small anarchist bookstore next to the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Then there are the market (Whitechapel Market) mosque (the East London Mosque); Guided tours and Jack the Ripper , who travel the scenes of his victims and comply with the obligatory stop at The Ten Bells pub in 1888 attended the famous murderer.

7. From sewer Olympic village

Aerial view of the Olympic Park.

Before the Olympic call,Stratford was one of the worst London suburbs (that of the whole city shuns comment). On July 6, 2005, London beat Paris, Madrid, New York and Moscow in four rounds of voting and became host the Olympic Games in 2012. A whole glory.Today (almost two years), the Olympic village can still be visited.It is in full remodeling, since the area will become the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park , a residential area with 300 shops, 70 restaurants, three hotels, a casino … In remembrance of the Games, will retain its flagship facilities like the famous Olympic Stadium.

8. Better, like a local

London apartment.

Sunrise in the East End and breakfast (unhurried and even with his pajamas) on the sofa in her living room is one of those worldly pleasures that make us feel good. A taste. Staying in anapartment is an upward trend in the tourism sector. The reasons? course to take them into account: time freedom, autonomy and intimacy and infallible prices. HouseTrip , one of the leading providers of vacation rentals in the world, with approximately 275,000 properties (between houses, villas, castles, boats, medieval towers and, especially apartments) distributed in over 15,000 destinations. In the East End, the range of prices for a night of apartment ranges between 61 and 599 pounds ( 73 to 723 euros / night ). If you are with family or friends, of course the price pays off.

Sights and attractions in London

- Abbey Road Studios – St. John’s Wood, London, NW8 – Since the Beatles lived in London most of the 60s, it is not surprising that the capital has many associations with this group. The best known place is, of course, the pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road which is on the cover of the album, located near the EMI studios, where the group recorded most of their albums. To get there, walk Grove End Road, along the west side of cricket Lord’s, until you reach the intersection where it becomes Abbey Rd. Do not forget to take your friends, cameras and sign the wall before the study (all do, and can do). More information

Children’s Museum of Bethnal Green, London – Located right on Cambridge Heath Road from Bethnal Green Underground. The ground floor is best known for its unique collection of antique dolls houses dating back to 1673. Model trains, cars, horses, puppets, a vast doll collection including Native American representations of spirits, temporary exhibitions, antique accessories babies, among others, are some of the things you’ll find here. Tel .: 0208 980 2415 Exhibitions

Brick Lane – As the name suggests, in his time was the main place of brick kilns which helped rebuild the city after the Great Fire. Currently, he is the center of the Bengali community, and each step is accompanied by the smell of spices from the numerous cafes and restaurants. If you want to buy a particular type of music that it is in the perfect location in London. Location – across the eastern end of Fournier Street (near Aldgate Underground Station East).

British Library – After 15 years of problems and millions of public money spent, the library finally opened its doors in the spring of 1998. The large number of books inside will leave you amazed. Is actually the largest library in London. Location – Euston Road (near St Pancras Station). | Hotels near King’s Cross or Euston

Burlington Arcade – Located across from the Royal Academy, and built in 1819 for Lord Cavendish, is the longest shopping arcade and face of the XIX century. It is still illegal to whistle, sing, hum, walking rushed or carry large packages. If you want to spend your money quickly in London, is in the right place. Hotels near Burlington Arcade

Canary Wharf – Situated in the middle of West India Docks (East London). The most famous building is the tower designed by Cesar Pelli, officially known as One Canada Square, which is 800 feet high and is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It is the first skyscraper in the world coated stainless steel. Due to the high current security measures, you can not enter it. Hotels near Canary Wharf

ChinatownChinatownLocated between Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue, is a self mix of shops, cafes and restaurants which forms one of the most distinguished and popular ethnic enclaves London. Gerrard Street, the main street in Chinatown, has been adorned with some ersatz touches like telephone kiosks created as oriental pagodas and false doors, and a few of the 80,000 Chinese citizens living in London three small blocks from Chinatown. The celebrations of Chinese New Year, established here in 1973, is a community event that draws thousands of Chinese closest to New Year’s Day (in late January or early February) Sunday. Huge lions made ​​of paper-mache dance through the streets of London to the sound of a cacophony of fireworks devouring cabbages hung from the upper floors by strings pinned with money. Hotels near Chinatown

The Changing of the Guard -. Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1The Changing of the GuardTake the subway to Victoria Station, St. James’ Park and Green Park. There are two ceremonies in two different places. The most popular is the Buckingham Palace, where at 11:30 am most days, the Guard of the Queen, accompanied by a band, arrives from Wellington Barracks marching Bird Cage Walk to the palace. The ceremony lasts about 40 minutes and takes place inside the palace gates. Another ceremony that takes place daily throughout the year in Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall at 11 am Monday through Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Here, the guard known as Life-Guard of Queen rides to perform the ceremony in Hyde Park Corner, Constitution Hill and The Mall For details of the hours, call 0891 505 452..More information | Hotels near Buckingham Palace

Cleopatra’s Needle – Incredible as it may be, is an original Egyptian obelisk. Located in Embankment, was made ​​in Egypt for Pharaoh Tuthmosis III in 1460 BC and brought to London from Alexandria by sea in 1878, to commemorate the British victory against Napoleon. Hotels near Embankment

Covent GardenCovent GardenWhat began in the seventeenth century as the first upscale neighborhood in London is once again a desirable place to live, work and go shopping.Based around the square Inigo Jones, the square designed oldest of London, this area was a market center for fruits and vegetables. The market was closed in 1974 and for a time it looked as if the developers were going to demolish everything to create new office buildings. These plans did not materialize and now we have the elegant building market as well as shops, restaurants and craft stalls. It has become one of the major tourist attractions in London, and now shows some of the boutiques, cafes and popular London restaurants. Hotels near Covent Garden

Downing Street – is an office for the prime minister, instead of Cabinet meetings, state events center and the home of the president’s family. During his tenure, the prime ministers traditionally live with their families in Downing Street in the private apartment on the second floor. | Hotels near Downing Street

Eltham Palace – Eltham Palace is the only house in Art Deco style English open to the public. Initially, a moated house bought by Edward II in 1305, additions such as the impressive Great Hall, with ceiling beams nailed, created in the 1470s, this building became one of Britain’s greatest palaces for a number of members royalty. The most famous of them, Henry VIII grew up here. After the Civil War, the castle fell into decline for over 200 years and the Great Hall, formerly the site of lavish parties, was used as a

The Elephant Man – Joseph Merrick, known as the “Elephant Man”, was discovered by Dr. Treves, and subsequently admitted as a patient at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel Road. He remained here as strange medical case for four years until his death in 1890. The hospital still has their remains (although not shown to the public).

Fitzroy HouseFitzroy HouseSet in the heart of Fitzrovia, famed for STI writers and artists, Fitzroy House was built in 1791 Shortly after development was Undertaken de este area. , Although it is Well Known That the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw resided in Fitzroy Square, it is a lesser-known fact That I Lived With His mother Also on the 1st floor of 37 Fitzroy Street from 1881-1882. 75 years later, writer and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard made ​​37 Fitzroy Street His London base. Ron Hubbard wrote many of His best-Known works Whilst in London. With a number of New York Times bestsellers and the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Published Author Title I have is one of The most prolific writers of His Time. You are welcome to visit Fitzroy House.Admittance is free. Open daily from 11am to 5pm by appointment. Call 0207 255 2422 or email

Florence Nightingale Museum – In Lambeth Palace Road, London is the museum in honor of the woman who revolutionized the nursing profession, establishing the first nursing school in St. Thomas in 1859. Exhibits include the white lantern that given the nickname “The woman with the Lamp” and many other objects. Phone: 0207 620 0374. Exhibitions

Fortnum & Mason – Very old food shop established in the 1770s by one of the servants of George III, Charles Fortnum. The grocery store has served the Royal Family and the general public since. It is very famous for its picnic baskets, an institution of the upper class, first introduced as “concentrated lunches” for hunting and shooting parties. Location – Piccadilly No.181. If you have a little treasure full of money, go there to enjoy. | Hotels near Fortnum & Mason

Greenwich area – The most famous of this area is the Old Royal Observatory, where it is timed for everyone. Another interesting thing is the last ship of tea preserved in the world, the Cutty Sark. Among the historical sights that await you are berths sailors, cutlery Antigua and people dressed dolls. The tourist information office, located at 46 Greenwich Church St, (open daily: April to October, from 10:00 to 17:00, from October to March, from 11:00 to 16:00; Tel: 0208 858 6376) should be your first stop; They can answer most of your questions and offer maps and guides. Photography .

Guy Fawkes – Have you ever wondered why the English celebrate Fawkes night with lots of bonfires and fireworks? This is the reason. Fawkes was caught in the cellars of Westminster Hall trying to overthrow the House of Lords on November 5, 1605. He was later hanged, dragged and dropped off at the Old Palace Yard Catholic. We celebrate this failed attempt to burn the parliament.

Ham HouseHam HouseThis suggestion comes from one of our readers in New Zealand.With such passion and vigor described this, we had to share it. The first Earl of Dysart received a title and ownership of Ham by withstanding the punishment of Charles I when he misbehaved. His daughter Elizabeth, a very ambitious woman, using her second husband, the Earl of Lauderdale, built this house still more greatness. Unfortunately, his lifestyle was too expensive and the family ended up deeply in debt. Horace Walpole was who described Ham House as “Sleeping Beauty”.Today, the house boasts one of the finest Stuart interiors of country style, luxurious plaster work, silverware, tapestries, silk damasks, etc. Location – Richmond Park.

HMS BelfastHMS BelfastPermanently Moored near Tower Bridge, the ship participated in the Second World War. Armed with six torpedoes and six inch guns with a range of over 14 miles, the Belfast spent more than two years of war in the shipyards of the Royal Navy. Retired after the Korean War, is now an outpost for the Imperial War Museum. You can see for yourself what was working in the boiler up and down several stairs.

Jack the Ripper – In the course of eight weeks between August and November 1888, five prostitutes were stabbed and killed in the Whitechapel area. His internal organs were removed from their bodies. To date, the identity of the murderer remains a mystery. There have been many movies and written many novels, but no one knows who. At that time, many assumed he was a Jew and for a time was dangerous to walk the streets at night for fear of reprisals Jews.The most famous suspect is the Duke of Clarence, eldest son of Edward VII; it is easy to accuse him, since he was involved in a scandal involving a male brothel.

Aquarium London – The London Aquarium, £ 25 million, is the first attraction of its kind in the capital, and one of the largest displays of aquatic life in Europe, shown in more than two million liters of water. www

London Bridge – … The first London Bridge was built by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago … More

Neasden Temple – Just around the corner from North Circular Road in Neasden, is really one of the best places in London. We have to admit that it is difficult to visit by public transport, but if you drive or minicab not expensive. Worth going there. You can go underground to Neasden or Stonebridge Park Station, but from there you have to walk a lot. They will be amazed by this exotic building. Just look at the exterior facade of the temple is enough to gape. To visit this place, men and women should dress decently (miniskirts are not allowed, shorts, clothing vise, etc.) Admission is free. The entire process of building this temple is astonishing;five thousand tons of limestone and marble from different parts of Europe were sent to India, where they were recorded and brought back to London. It’s really a place you should visit. Open daily from 9:00 to 18:30;free. Tel .: 020 8965 2651. Photography .

Nelson’s Column – was erected in 1843 and is now one of the most popular sights of London. It was created in honor of Admiral of an eye and an arm that defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, paying with his life. The statue atop the granite column is larger than three times the actual size of Nelson, but nevertheless seems tiny and covered with anti-pigeon gel to try to reduce the accumulation of guano. The acanthus leaves of the capital are made ​​of English guns, while low reliefs at the base, which show three previous victories Nelson and his death on the HMS Victory, are made ​​of weapons captured from the French.The four gigantic Edwin Landseer lions guard the column and the kids love to climb them. 14 beds dined above the column before the statue being placed. Every year London receives a gift of a huge Christmas tree in the Norwegian city of Oslo. Photography .

OXO TowerMillennium BridgeA former power plant turned into meat packing factory in the 1930s by Liebig Extract of Meat Company. The company was wise to incorporate the letters in the windows of the main tower to comply with the prohibition of advice on illuminated advertisements. Currently, the OXO Tower contains flats, workshops and shops as well as one of the best restaurants in London. Every year at Christmas, there is a long waiting list to reserve a table, only to enjoy the magnificent view over the Thames. More info

Parliament Square – Parliament Square is a square outside the north facade of the Palace of Westminster.It was designed to ease traffic around the Parliament Building. It is a traffic island surrounded by a splendid architecture.

Pollock’s Toy Museum – Its collections include a great example of Victorian paper theaters popularized by Benjamin Pollock, who sold them with the slogan “a smooth penny, two with color.” The other exhibits include old stuffed animals, puppets, Red Army soldiers, wax dolls and many others. Learn more

Piccadilly Circus – During the weekend, this place is crowded. Abundant nightlife, especially with nightclubs like the Hippodrome, MGM Cinema, local pubs and bars, people trying to draw your picture and Trocadero. Inside the Trocadero is SegaWorld, the world’s largest, with seven floors and offering all kinds of games this century indoor theme parquet. Photography | Hotels near Piccadilly Circus

Royal Festival Hall – Royal Festival Hall is in the heart of Southbank Centre complex. Opened in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain, is one of the major concert halls of the world, featuring concerts by top international orchestras, operas and a wide range of contemporary music events, from jazz to pop, rock and world music.

– Near Trafalgar Square is the RSA, (The Royal Society of Art) one of the hidden architectural treasures of London. The house was especially for the Society by Robert Adam designed in the early 1770s Today, Georgian facade conceals many unexpected elements of both contemporary and traditional architecture, including a series of intriguing underground caves and connected. The library has a particularly interesting Adam roof with panels made ​​by the school of Angelica Kaufman. The Great Hall is famous for its famous allegorical series of paintings by James Barry entitled “The Progress of Human Knowledge”. The house is now open to the public for free on the first Sunday of the month (except January). For groups with advance reservations can be handled something to eat.

St. Pancras StationSt. Pancras StationThis Train Station London has to be one of the most impressive and beautiful European stations. This masterpiece of Gothic style served as British Rail offices since 1935.

– In the City of London you will find the Cathedral of St. Paul . The current structure is the fifth cathedral built there. The marriage of the St.Paul's CathedralPrince and Princess of Wales, the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill and many other occasions have taken place in this spiritual center. Created with Portland stone, with a dome that rises 365 feet and with Great Paul the largest bell in England, has to be one of the monuments that MUST VISIT in London.After four years of scaffolding covered the interior of the Cathedral of St. Paul was revealed on June 9, 2008 at 9:30 after a cleaning and repair program which cost £ 10.8 million. Work began in May 2001 and included the restoration of the dome, stonework, gilding, mosaics and sculptures. During this monumental project over 1,000 containers of dust (each of which contained about one cubic foot of dust) were removed and over 11,000 square meters of smooth stone and 4,500 square meters of stone carving were cleaned. Surprisingly, the Cathedral remained in operation during the project. Open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 to 16:00. Tel .: 0207 236 4128. More information

Selfridge’s – Another London shop worth visiting, if only to buy, to watch their windows. It opened in 1909, created by Chicago millionaire Gordon Selfridge, who promoted its 130 departments with the slogan “Why not spend a day at Selfridge’s?”, But then had to leave after having problems with the IRS. Located at the corner of Orchard Street and Oxford | hotels near Selfridges

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – The largest crowds are currently in the Bankside are in this place, a spectacular reconstruction of polygonal theater where first produced most of the later works of the poet. (The original site of the Globe, blackened marked by a plaque on a wall of a brewery in Park Street, is under a Georgian terrace). The theater, which is the first theater of straw in London since the Great Fire, uses only natural light and minimal sets, and currently organizes functions mid-May to mid-September. It also has a restaurant, café, cinema and inevitably, a store that sells a lot of merchandise on Shakespeare. For more information call 0207 902 1500. | hotels near Globe Theatre

Sicillian Avenue – Created in 1910, this continental promenade is located diagonally across the old shacks in the corner of Bloomsbury Way and Southampton Row, Holborn. Contains a couple of coffees and one of the largest used book. Go there for a nice and pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere.

Sir John Soane Museum – Soane was the son of a bricklayer who became architect of the Bank of England, and bought three adjacent properties, altering them to make home and office, plus a place to store his collection of art and antiques . His house is still the best example of what he called “poetry of architecture”, using mirrors, domes and skylights to create wonderful spatial ambiguities. Located on the north side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn. Phone: 0207 405 2107. Current events

South BankLondon EyeIn 1951, the South Bank Exhibition held in abandoned land south of the Thames, formed the center of the “Festival of Britain” for the entire nation, in an attempt to revive the moral postwar celebrating the centenary of the Great Exhibition (when Britain ruled half the world). The most impressive place was the wheel, the Dome of Discovery saucer shaped, and Skylon Tower cigar shaped. The great success of the festival prompted the creation of the South Bank Centre, although this has failed to capture the public imagination in the same way. The South Bank has become the most dear-not culturally bunker London. On the positive side, the South Bank is under the artistic direction and is the center of the art scene in the capital. The nearest metro station is Waterloo.

Thames Barrier – The brief boat trip from Greenwich or Westminster passes not glamorous industrials landscapes before moving to the spectacular wings of the Thames Barrier. London has suffered flood tides since before 1236, when it was reported that in “the great Palace of Westminster, the men rowed with barges in the middle of the room.” One of the worst floods occurred in 1953 when more than 300 people drowned in the Thames Estuary. Later it was decided to create a barrier, which was completed between 1972 and 1984. It is an impressive feat of engineering, with ten movable steel doors weighing between 400 and 3700 tons each.

Topolski Century – The mural artist Feliks Topolski, 600 feet long, between the railway arches of the South Bank. I travel extensively around the world and witnessed several historical events, and meet some historical figures of the twentieth century, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Chairman Mao, George Bernard Shaw, HG Wells and Black Panthers. It was in London during the Blitz in New York during the riots in Harlem and was in the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. He settled in London and created the exhibit showing the twentieth century as he considered. Topolski Century, 150-152 Hungerford Arches Bridge, Waterloo, London SE1 8XU.

Wimbledon – If you missed the tennis tournament (held every year during the last week of June and first of July), the best for an amateur sport is dares tour the Tennis Museum Wimbledon, located near Gate 4, on the east side of the All England tennis in Church Road. The museum shows the history of sport, which originated in the “jeu de Paume” of the French clergy, practiced since the XII century.

Vinopolis – City of Wine – 1 Bank End, Bankside, SE1. Take the subway to London Bridge Station.Dedicated to the pleasures of good food and drink, visitors can spend an afternoon tasting and learning about wines and spirits from around the world. The Classic Package includes a tour, 5 records for wine tasting and a chance to try a cocktail Bombay Sapphire, cooked to perfection. Other packages offer the opportunity to sample a variety of wines and unusual spirits from around the world or receive an introduction to the secrets of wine tasting. Tickets from £ 11 per person. Open from 12:00 to 21:00 Monday, Friday and Saturday; from 12:00 to 18:00 the other days (last admission two hours before closing time). Call 0870 241 4040 for more information and updates on the opening hours.

– And we have now reached one of the most famous landmarks of London, Westminster Abbey ( More information ). He has been closely connected with the Crown and the history of the nation. Coronations of kings and queens all (except two) have been held here for 900 years. The magnificent Gothic building we see today is the eleventh century.

Property Management Columbia SC

Student apartments:

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s nation. Students play a vital role in the society and how a society is formed generation after generations. Students should be provided with all those basic necessities required by them in their study age. Many apartments are available in Columbian for students. Instead of university or colleges apartments we provide online booking of Students apartments in Columbia.  A student needs a living learning environment. Property management Columbia SC school  was specially designed student apartments for satisfaction and comfort for students.

A nation wants students to be successful throughout their career for the development of their country.  They requisite a good foundation and support for the achievement of success. Here is the closest isolated student living portion. We want to support their productivity by giving them a fully furnished and equipped computer lab with study lounge at their fingertips. We need to keep them vigorous with an on- site twenty four-hour state-of-the-art fitness center and resort style swimming pool. We also want to support them relax and meet their neighbors by providing them with academic- oriented superfluity lounge areas situated around the belongings. Columbia SC property meets every need that your student will have while in college. So they can achieve what they want and came here for in a pleasant atmosphere. In case your roommate transfers to another school or moves out for any reason, you do not have to concern about covering their share of rent. This is just another cause why student’s best housing option is this! When we are taking place developing this apartment community our main goal was to make it all about you and your life. Student’s apartments typically include a variety of two, three and four bedrooms apartments and large four bedrooms, double story townhomes.

Columbia’s Off-Campus Housing

Administrative office assists Columbia students and associates in their search for rental housing in the urban areas. They manage a database called the Housing Registry which contains available rooms and flats in Columbian areas. Fitness center, yoga or Pilate’s studio, business center, attractive swimming pool and hot tub, and many more is delivered in Columbian students apartments.

They offer following amenities in their apartments to Columbian students;

  • TV’s involved in every Apartment
  • Fully equipped apartment
  • Separate leases
  • High-speed internet bandwidth connection in every room
  • Black-on-Black utilization package
  • Free elementary and extended cable package
  • Full-size gasket and dryers in every home
  • Ceiling fans in every room
  • Social Community
  • Fully furnished twenty four hour fitness center
  • Free stand up tanning bed
  • 24 Hour Computer Lab w/ 2 Mac’s &3 PC’s!
  • 24 Hour Study/Conference Room
  • 24 Hour Movie/Game room with TV
  • Free Transport service from your home to Campus
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Basketball court with night lighting
  • Resort-style swimming pool
  • BBQ
  • Isolated Housing Facility for boys and girls
  • With and Without AC rooms
  • Wi-Fi Systems
  • Steadfast Power Hotlines
  • Sanitized Mess Services
  • 24 hours Medical Services
  • Laundry Service
  • Gymnasium
  • Parking facility
  • Residential Facilities
  • Laundry Facility
  • Food and Mess Facility

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about finding work in London

Working in London: is there any limitation to work in London?

There is no limitation to work in London if you are a citizen of the European Union. If you are NOT a citizen of the European Union clickhere  to check if you need a visa to work in London .

Find Jobs in London: Is it easy to find work in London?

We’re going to cheat, to find work in London is NOT as easy as before due to the large influx of young people from southern Europe who arelooking for work in London .

And while you may not believe it, as difficult as finding a job in Londonis to find a cheap but decent place to live. The first thing you have to do when you get there if you’re on your own is to find a spare room, which is economical, it is near the subway or bus, which is furnished in a house with kitchen and bathroom, have heating and hot water , and where everything works !!. You can take up to a month to find and, given that hotels in London are very expensive (London is the third most expensive city in the world), we recommend NOT to go to London “to adventure”.

Therefore it is important to have someone in London, either a friend or a company like ours that offers decent accommodation at a reasonable price from day one and help you find a job in London as soon as possible. Our program of  work and accommodation in London  is one of the best options to go to London. Ask for information!

Working in London: what kinds of jobs are there in London for young foreigners?

Initially it is easiest to find a  job in London  in the hospitality industry. Then you can look for a  job in London  in a sector that is related to your professional experience or your education. If you want to know what you have to do to find work sooner click HERE .

Jobs in London for NOT speak English

There are  jobs in London  where your English is irrelevant. Jobs in London for people who have a low level of English are:

  • Working in London as junior staff at a hotel: responsible for carrying luggage room clients (buttons), reponedor of towels in a hotel room, or laundry staff of the hotel. The salary for these jobs in London varies between 800 and 1,500 pounds monthly.
  • Jobs in London in the kitchen in a fast food restaurant : No experience for this type of job is requested and is one of the most resorted jobs for young people who come to work for the first time in London with little or no experience i work. The monthly salary for this type of position ranges between 800 and 1700 pounds.
  • Working in London as a dishwasher : This type of work is usually occupy those who do not know a word of English. Since it is quite painful salary is not as bad as one might think initially. The monthly salary ranges between 750 and 1,400 pounds.
  • Working in London as a busboy : This work is nicer than the dishwasher and salary may be somewhat higher. The monthly salary ranges between 750 and 2,000 pounds.
  • Working in London as a hotel maid : Waitress of a hotel is responsible for responding to requests from customers. The salary ranges from 750 to 1,400 pounds a month.
  • T ork in London as reponedor linear in a supermarket : For this work need not have experience or knowledge of English. Many newcomers to London perform this type of work.The salary ranges between 850 and 1,800 monthly libas.

Jobs in London for people with an intermediate level of English

Here are some examples of  work in London for people who have at least an intermediate level of English:

  • Working in London as a waiter in a disco or night bar : the salaries for these jobs in London are somewhat better than those of a waiter in a fast food restaurant and it shifts end at wee hours of the morning. The monthly salary ranges between 900 and 2,600 pounds monthly.
  • T ork in London as a waiter in a pub: London is full of pubs and not too difficult to find work in one of them if you have an intermediate level of English.The average salary is between 1,200 and 2,700 pounds monthly.
  • Working in London as a dependent : if you have an intermediate level of English and some experience can work in a store in London. Central London is full of shops. Depending on the time of year you can find jobs in different sectors. For example during the holidays is easier to find work in London in a gift shop or during summer in the souvenir shops. The average salary ranges between 900 and 2,700 pounds.
  • Jobs in restaurants in London : London has many restaurants where you can find work.The jobs in a restaurant in London include: waiter, bartender, busboy, cashier, or assistant bartender. It is very normal to find work in restaurants that serve during lunch to those working in central London, for example coffee shops, selling sandwiches, sausages, and all kinds of fast food. Persons performing these jobs in London are responsible for making salads, make coffee, sandwiches … Salaries for these jobs in London ranging between 800 and 2,000 pounds monthly.
  • Working in London as a kitchen : the salary of these jobs in London varies greatly depending on the category of the restaurant. Obviously London restaurants that pay better demand more experience for this type of work. The salary for this kind of job in London varies between 860 and 2700 pounds.
  • Working in London as a pastry : tabajar in a bakery or coffee shop in London is an option if you have an intermediate level of English. The salary for this type of work in London varies between 800 and 2,000 pounds monthly.
  • Working in London as a cook : if you have experience and like cooking this option can be very interesting. No precise have a very high level of English. There are also several categories in the kitchen, and you can opt for the post of 1st, 2nd or third chef in the kitchen of a good restaurant. Salaries for these jobs in London are negotiable.

I work in London: Do I need a permanent address to find work in London?

To find a job in London is important to have a stable address in London and local phone number. Put the address of a hotel on your resume gives a sense of temporality and reduces your chances of being called for a estrevista to work in London .

The easiest thing for someone who comes to London is to rent a room in a shared house. If you want to know how to rent a room in London from Spain click HERE .

Documents to work in London: What documents are needed to work in London?

To work in London it is necessary to obtain a social security number that call UK National Insurance number (NIN). You can only get the NIN once there, although someone may ask quotation from London before you get to move things forward. If you have legally rented a room in London (with contract) get the NIN is relatively simple because any citizen of the European Union has the right to NIN once you have established residence in London. If you want to know more about the NIN click HERE: resume writers perth

I work in London: What is the minimum wage in London?

Currently the minimum wage for those working in London is £ 6.19 / hour for over 21 years.Normally the payment of wages for your job in London ‘s weekly so once you find a job in London , you will not have to wait too long to receive your first money with which you can deal with your most basic expenses. If you want to know more about the minimum wage in London click HERE .

Working in London: How long does it take to find a job in London?

Our experience tells us that most young people who  come to London in search of work  is something in a couple of weeks. You can take even less depending on your previous work experience, your attitude during  job interviews in London , the time you devote each day to search for a job in London  and your English.

If your English is very low it may take you some more time to find a job because the options are lower. To increase your chances of quickly finding a job in London maybe you should spend a couple of months to study English intensively before going to look for work in London. ClickHERE  if you need to improve your English.

A stroll through a London novel

The British capital appears as a backdrop in countless novels. If there is a writer who has turned London into a character in his work, that is definitely Charles Dickens.

Little remains, however, the Victorian, dark and smelly Oliver Twist London. Neither the fog that surrounds the city occasionally is as thick as described in Bleak House , as the origin of this was the smoke from the chimneys and factories of the industrial revolution that Dickens portrayed neatly.

What we can see is the Dickens House MuseumIn the district of Holborn The writer lived in this Georgian mansion from 1837-1839, during which time he wrote The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club , Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby . The building houses a permanent exhibition on Dickens, as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.

The novelist is buried in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, where we can also find the graves of Rudyard Kipling and Alfred Tennyson, among others , and memorials to Oscar Wilde and John Keats.


In Hampstead you can visit the Museo Casa de John Keats , where the poet fell in love with the daughter of a neighbor Fanny Brawne, who inspired most of his poems. The museum has a collection of writings, drawings and letters, besides the engagement ring of the couple, and the death mask of the poet, who died of tuberculosis at twenty-five.

Keats wrote Ode to a Nightingale , one of his best known, in the shade of a tree in the garden poems. Although his literary career was cut short by his early death, the author of Lamia , Isabella , The Eve of St. Agnes and Other Poems is one of the most prominent figures of Romanticism.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Hampstead attracted artists, writers and wealthy individuals. Besides Keats, other famous writers who lived in Hampstead were Robert Louis Stevenson, DH Lawrence, Mary Shelley and George Orwell . The latter worked for a time in a bookstore in South End Green in Hampstead, “The Booklover’s Corner”: In 1936 published an essay about the experience (Bookshop Memories). The library has been replaced by a bakery, but outside there is a memorial plaque to the author, 1984.

In Hampstead also lived Sigmund Freud . Which was his home now houses the Freud Museum 


The other cultural epicenter of London’s Bloomsbury. In this neighborhood surrounding the British Museum Bloomsbury, originated an association of intellectuals, artists and writers who shared a liberal ideology and a critical view of religion and Victorian morality. They had a great importance in British cultural life during the early twentieth century.

Among its most prominent members are writers like Virginia Woolf (née Stephen) and EMFoster, Leonard Woolf (husband of Virginia), artists like Dora Carrington, Roger Fry and Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia), and art critics such as Clive Bell and Duncan Grant. The meetings were held on Thursdays at 46 Gordon Square, then owned by the Stephen sisters (later the house belonged to the economist JM Keynes). In the streets and squares adjacent to Bloomsbury Square several blue plaques honoring the members of the group who lived in the neighborhood.


On the south bank of the Thames this theater The Globe . Although Shakespeare was born and died in Stratford-upon-Avon, Lived several years in London. His works are represented in this theater, demolished in 1644 (Shakespeare died in 1616). In 1993 began the reconstruction of the building, which opened in 1997 under the name of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre . The enclosure is a faithful reproduction of a theater of the sixteenth century.


The most famous fictional city of London is undoubtedly Sherlock Holmes. On leaving the station in Baker Street Underground is a bronze statue dedicated to the detective. Not far away, at 221B Baker Street, the street where Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective housing located, is the Sherlock Holmes Museum , which recreates the atmosphere of the novels.

The 221B was discussed at the beginning of a fictitious number, since by that time Baker Street ended at number 85. In 1930 the street was extended, and the number 221 was assigned to a bank building, which later became at the hands of the International Society Sherlock Holmes. The museum was inaugurated in 1990.

In addition to the aforementioned statue of Sherlock Holmes, the only other bust in London erected in honor of a fictional character is the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

The Catcher in the rye PDF

Another much-visited station is King’s Cross , and specifically the space between platforms 9 and 10: Platform 9 3/4, famous for the adventures of Harry Potter .

If you want to deepen literary representations have been made ​​in London in July 2011 a conference on the topic held. You can get more information about the event on the website of Literary London

We also recommend visiting the British Library , one of the largest libraries in the world, with over 150 million items and 625 miles of shelves .

To purchase a book, in this other article you can see a list of the best bookstores in the city.

Also, if you have got an iPhone, the application can descargaros Get London Reading , developed by a non-profit organization that promotes reading. The application consists of a map of London in which about five hundred books related to the city are located.

“When a man is tired of London, I is tired of life!” – Samuel Johnson, 1777