The future of traveling in London: Trips to space, resorts under the sea and hyper-personalization.

Skyscanner introduces the third part of the study “the future of travel”, where advances we will look like in 2024 travelers experience when you decided to embark on a journey. The report predicts how the space travel and the depths of the oceans will become holiday destinations over the next decade, and stays in hotels, will be created to measure based on the needs and give you individual.

Space, the final frontier for the most intrepid tourists tourism
According to Skyscanner report, in 2024 travelers may discover the low-Earth orbit and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic of the earth curvature from a ultra high altitude. And in the future more than 10 years, trips to orbit will be something more than simply go up and down, will be sufficiently long to savour a fascinating environment and alien. In fact, according to a recent study by the search engine, 63% of Spaniards would like to travel to space, if they could afford it. 1
Until then, those who want to travel to space, will enjoy a similar experience in resorts that are built on Earth, and that have spas with zero-gravity, as well as slippers and space observatories where guests will experience weightlessness.
According to Filip Filipov, Director of B2B Skyscanner, “the space travel will be a revolutionary milestone for mankind in general, but what is even more exciting is the transfer of technologies to space exploration can contribute to commercial aviation. A regular traveler can fly from London to Sydney in just 2.5 hours, is what will make travel even more easy and fast, breaking the boundaries of time.”
Trips to the bottom of the sea, choice of fashion in 2024
Journeys to the bottom of the sea will be a choice of more conventional, becoming the choice of fashion in 2024. Currently, already there are destinations that offer room underwater hotel in Dubai, at the Atlantis Hotel, Poseidon and Neptune suites, but it’s luxurious rooms under the sea, in hotels located in land. 2 the options that will be offered in the future will be complete resorts under the sea, including spas, gardens and pools with Aquarium Windows and offering guests the option of leaving Earth with diving equipment.
The hotel rooms of 2024 and hyper customization
During the next ten years, advances in technology will also that the hotels offer guests high levels of customization to the Charter, which will enable them to enjoy customized experiences through their mobile devices. Travelers can book rooms where everything from the temperature of the air, the pressure of the shower – is adjusted specifically for them. The walls of the hotel room will be fully interactive able to play movies, show images and visualize their loved Skype calls and even provide private in-room work spaces.
Rooms at hotel of the future will incorporate the latest technologies to provide additional comfort for the guests.Pillows with integrated electronic devices offer massages to help fall asleep and wake up service, while guests with jet-lag will have light boxes to adjust the time decompensation. The skin and hair of guests will be improved with showers that will have infused water with vitamin C, while advances in 3D printing will allow guests to print what need for grooming, including tooth paste and shower gel.
Discovering new destinations
Boast about the destinations that we visit, will be an important reason why we travel in 2014. With the growth of Chinese tourists travelling to destinations such as Paris or New York, i we look for destinations and unique experiences to amaze your friends and family. As a result, the “prohibited zones” – areas such as Afghanistan and Iran currently considered inaccessible by conflict – will become new attractive destinations by tourists. In fact, some little-known as Bhutan destinations are already seeing an increase in the interest, and as searches reflect what Skyscanner has increased up to 40% every year and that for 2024 is expected to be a fashion destination.
Skyscanner report is the result of an investigation in depth in collaboration with The Future Laboratory and 56 experts in trends of the future and technology industries the full report you can read or download and also includes paragraphs one and two, published earlier this year, that examines how emerging technologies will change the way in which we will book our trips , and how will airports and flights over the next decade.

How to find work in the United Kingdom

If these pose you work in London, or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, know how and where you have to look is very important. The employment situation in the United Kingdom currently not as well as they paint it, demand is far outpacing supply, but you can multiply your chances of working if you know how to do it. That is why in this article I’m going to give a series of guidelines and tips that will help you and probably your job search will be more fruitful.

Job Centres

The Job Centres in the United Kingdom come as Spain employment offices. In them you not only request your social security (NIN) number but that they also offer job search services. To do this, all Job Centres have special, publicly accessible machines and completely free use where through touch screens you can see all the job offers published in the national system of British employment. You have many search options and you can filter by city, by sector, by types of contract and even search for keywords.

buscar trabajar reino unido uk londres job centre empleo

In these lists you can find all kinds of work, from which required high qualifications as engineers or doctors, to work not qualified as waiters or kitchen helpers. Once you’ve found the job that interests you, machine gives you the option of printing a ticket, where is a summary of the offer in addition to contact information. This information varies depending on the work as some give you a phone number where to call, others an email address or even others ask you to deliver your CV in person.

For jobs requiring you to call by phone, in the same Job Centres there are public telephones where you can call for free, making it more comfortable is almost impossible!

To use all job search services offered by the Job Centres is not necessary to register or request quotes in advance or anything. So just go and find a free machine where to start looking for work.

There are Job Centres in all the districts of London and other cities and towns in the United Kingdom. You can find the closest to your home or office through the following link:  find jobs near me

Door to door

Another technique common to look for work is known as door to door. It consists of print you multiple copies of your resume and go by delivering them in stores, shops, bars and restaurants where you can see posters that are searching for personal or directly in those who most want to work for you. It is very important to always ask for the owner or director (manager) of local and deliver directly the curriculum at them, and if you leave it to any employee that your CV ends up directly in the trash can.

In these cases, remember that the first impression is essential, so it is very important to always be well dressed, arranged and try to demonstrate your level of English. Don’t be shy and tries to always keep a smile on your face. Keep in mind that the worst that can happen is that they say you don’t need staff, so don’t shy and always take all the nose as possible.

Looking for work in this way is not easy, but patience and persistence are your best weapons. Do not give up at the first hurdle. See making rounds for several areas or types of local weekly. You stop using public transport and go on foot to all sites. You’ll see how you can find many local which you do not know their existence and many others who have posters where people seek. This is very common in pubs and fast food franchises.

buscar empleo trabajar reino unido londres ofertas


Internet is another great source of information on vacancies and employment. In the United Kingdom there are plenty of web pages where to find employment, but undoubtedly quintessential website to find temporary jobs and low skills is GUMTREE. Actually, gumtree is a website of classified ads where you can find everything, but one of its prominent sections is that of work. Gumtree you works classified sector, both through town as well as make searches by key words. Each day are published hundreds of new jobs only in London, so this is a page you have to save in your Favorites and access it daily.

Remember also that in diary of a London you have a section where you can find jobs in specific London for Spaniards. Every day I make a compilation of vacancies that I find in the different web pages of the internet and the public in the use of the blog section:

Temporary employment agencies

As in Spain, in the United Kingdom there are also companies specific work temporary (ETT) search. These companies are typically organized by sectors and stand out due to the fact do not charge you anything to get a job. You just have to go to one of their offices, which will make you a personal interview and will make you the tab. Then when a job that matches your profile, call you so that you go to work. My recommendation is that you notes to all that can.

There are so many in the United Kingdom that is almost impossible to make a list complete, but here you have a website where you can find a list of companies of temporary work in London, classified by sectors.

In the hospitality sector, temporary work companies having more fame in London are as follows:

Abbey Recruitment: 18 James Street Marylebone W1U 1EQ – 020 7495 4342
Admiral: 55 Eastcastle Street Mayfair W1W 8EG – 020 7580 8446
Angel Human Resources: 4 Union Street SE1 1SZ Southwark – 020 7940 2000
Capital People: 18 London Road SE1 6LF Lambeth – 020 7620 0950
Mayday: 21 Great Chapel Street Soho W1F framecounter – 020 7439 3009
Reed: 69 King Street W6 9HW – 020 8748 9733
Solsbury Solutions: 109 Chiswick High Road W4 2ED – 020 8814 8903 Chiswick

If you know some more let me know through comments. The more you have the better!

Advice and recommendations

Under no circumstances, I recommend the use of employment agencies. In recent years are proliferating many of them and often you sell the bike by telling you that you will find work in Exchange for paying a figure descabella of money. These companies don’t do anything there is no AIDS described in this article, therefore, there is no point pay money to have someone make you something that you can do on your own for free. These agencies all they do is keep track of all the employment opportunities that come out and you send which are more related to your profile. You are also running in temporary employment, but keep in mind that all of this is free and you can do it on your own. In addition, none of them is guaranteed you are going to find a job, so you do not throw the money and now that I have already explained how to do it, get you work on your own!

If you are looking for unskilled jobs and are willing to work for what you go, it is important that you have prepared different resumes with different profiles. If you are looking for waiter job, prepare a CV that record have waiter experience. If you are looking for in cleaning, put that you have experience in cleaning, and thus with everything. If you are looking for nanny work, for example, and all your experience is office or waitress, forget about that you take. For unskilled jobs there is a lot of demand, so prepare yourself always job-specific resumes since if you do not have specific experience in the sector they were not going to hire.

And well, I think that nothing has not forgotten me. Anyway, if you want to contribute any advice or know some trick to work that has worked for you, you can let us know through the comments. Thank you!

Gastronomy and food in London

London is one of the most expensive cities to eat. However, there are interesting alternatives to resist the budget and enjoy its gastronomy.

Gastronomía de Londres
Fish and chips, typical dish of London

London is the ideal city for the palate experience international flavors since not characterized to have much culinary tradition, but rather by offering the best tasting from different parts of the world. However, the online magazine about food and drink includes:

  • Fish and Chips: this simple dish has become in a few years in one of the most requested quick meals in the city. It is fish coated with potato chips. Ideal for children, when there is little time for cooking or when there are few minutes for lunch. The bars and restaurants prepare it quickly
  • English sausages: there is no restaurant that does not offer them, they can be prepared in a different way and they are almost always accompanied with a potato puree. There are pork and veal and can also be combined with various sauces especially prepared
  • Meat pies: are fritters fried or baked, stuffed with meat, chicken, mushrooms, or kidney
  • Roast Beef: is the beef that is usually flavored with a very special English mustard. Is usually also serve with vegetables (broccoli, potato and carrot)
  • Apple pie: is the dessert par excellence. This apple pie is one of the most requested and consumed by the British sweet. Also eat many other cakes, fruit pies, that Yes, it must be covered with a crunchy layer of dough

The food offered in the restaurants is expensive. London is complex, but not impossible, to get affordable prices when it comes to trying to eat out.

A survey in London is tipped in favour of “return the Malvinas to the Argentina”

55.17% of the readers of the English newspaper The Telegraph (the online version of The Daily Telegraph) considered that the Malvinas Islands should be returned to the Argentina. Thus concludes a survey promoted on the web site of the newspaper, with an editorial line next to the more conservative sectors of Britain.

At the time of the writing of this note had participated a few 23.730 readers of the voting, which is done from a story that reports on the obstacles imposed by Argentina to the mooring of English ships.

To the question “should Britain return the Falkland Islands (sic) to the Argentina?”, 13.119 readers responded that Yes (55.17%); 7083 which not (29.81%), and 3560 were of the view that the islanders should say through a referendum (14.98%).

Results from the poll promoted by and Surveys Say. Photo: Screenshot


Query result comes one week after the actor Sean Penn –however of ‘archaic colonialism’ presence military British Islands and after that the singer Roger Waters you claim Argentine sovereignty over the archipelago.

The Daily Telegraph is the newspaper of largest circulation in Britain, with an average daily circulation of 635,000 copies..

Psychics in England

Tarot in England

Psychics in London for Latinos and Spanish residents in England wanting to know your future in Spanish. We all know that London is a cosmopolitan city where many Spanish speaking people residing there and today we give you the chance to meet your future in Spanish, attended by tarot readers and psychics Spanish to make you feel at home.The tarot has infinite meanings through the combination of the Tarot cards, and talking about the amount of Tarot readers consult our experts and are so wise. Love Tarot, Tarot from work, Egyptian Tarot, for all what better way to understand the meaning of tarot in Spanish. Through our Tarot by telephone from England you can consult the Tarot by visiting our website or dialing our toll Local London phone 208 099 7660 and ask for your query Tarot and Clairvoyance. In a city like London where you live at a frantic pace sometimes do not have time for reflection of our own lives and therefore in “I conocermifuturo” we want to offer that time, your moment to visualize a goal and clearly what happens in your present, and your future holds. Always with all humility, clarity and sincerity. Tarot in England, designed for you, to try to help clarify these doubts whether of Love, Work, Money or any situation that you have in bewilderment. Psychics in England 24h service to you, because you never know when you may need us.


Although there are times that health professionals talk to us in Chinese, the truth is that everything seems easier when you have what’s wrong and what treatment to follow in your own language.  For this reason and because going to the dentist is a the hardest decisions we make in Mama London we made ​​a small list of dentistry and dentists who speak Spanish and offer their services in London and other British cities clinics.

If you know someone else, I appreciate a lot that mandarais us an email to editor@mamalondon.netto add to this list thanks! 

Spanish Dentist London. It has two clinics in London, one in Maida Vale and the other in Northwoods, both north and northwest of the city. Dentists are Spanish, colleges both in Spain and in the UK and offer emergency sevicios addition to the usual treatments.

Phone: 0753 857 3387


Elite Dental Albuquerque has a team that speaks Spanish, Italian and English. They are 5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station, in the heart of this London. Especialides offer surgical treatment (implantology, extraction of third molars) or orthodontic as well as restorative and aesthetic dentistry (laser whitening, veneers).

Phone: 020 7283 7907



The Neem Tree Clinic has the Dr. Barroso Gonzalez , a Spanish dentist that takes over 6 years working in the UK. The clinic is in Canary Wharf, next to the buildings of the Barclays and HSBC (Churchill Place) and open on Saturdays.

Phone: 0207 516 0063

Fleet Street Clinic is a multidisciplinary private practice and, among other medical services, offers service dentistry with Spanish speaking staff . It is the most central of all, behind The Strand, a stone’s throw from Charing Cross Station and Trafalgar.

Phone: 020 7353 5678

Apple Dental Care (NHS) provides qualified, gives private, serving NHS patients in multiple languages. It has several professionals who speak Spanish.

Phone: 020 7610 0101

Is it safe with security cameras London? Interim response: no

Every Londoner is filmed 300 times a day for some of the 40,000 surveillance cameras installed in the city  (4 times the number of security cameras installed in Birmingham), a “privilege” that will also enjoy the millions of tourists who come this summer to the call of the Olympics. Have you achieved all this surveillance system, which some compare to Orwell’s Big Brother, reduce crime in the city and elsewhere in the country? No , says a new study. Yes … with shades , the Metropolitan Police defends.

It is not known exactly how many surveillance cameras are installed in the UK, but the figure varies between 1.8 and 4.2 million (adding public and private). Almost all municipalities have succumbed to video surveillance, some at the expense of reducing police street patrols. In total, local governments have spent 515 million pounds (700 million euros) in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV, the report prepared by the civil rights group Big Brother Watch (BBW) reports CS Monitor .

All this for what ?, they ask. According to figures from the police themselves only solves a crime per 1,000 surveillance cameras . And all the gigantic system of control of citizens did nothing to stop the looting last summer and the terrorist attacks in 2005, activists reported. The police defend: the presence of cameras deters many criminals commit crimes and also cameras are used not only to prevent crime but also to control traffic or “rescue a driver who has fallen into the Thames”.

BBW members say they are not against the security cameras, but to divert resources from other chapters, such patrols neighborhoods. According to the report, the money spent on cameras have served to 4,400 police on the streets. But, aim, chambers of closed circuit of Perfidious Albion we also have provided unforgettable moments as e policeman who was himself persecuted believing he was a thief or that squint looter , who was arrested after riots in London thanks to its unmistakable at the same squint a security camera.

Rental of equipment and furniture for Catering & Events in London


A wide range of 2,500 products for rent, ranging from Art on the table (tableware, glassware, cutlery, decorative objects), banquet furniture (chairs …) and office supplies


A service exclusively dedicated to decorating for events


With Ecommerce dedicated:
sale of decorative objects for parties, weddings and anniversaries

Our philosophy is based on the following grounds: Security, Creativity and Reactivity


In our services, we operate an effective organization.


In our products, assembly and design of decoration.


Through the strength of our business, organizing our logistics, availability and professionalism of the services.

With over 30 years experience, chair hire London handles small and large projects with the same quality of service and the same availability. Our service targets both individuals and companies, administrations, associations, caterers and event organizers. We offer our services to a reception of two or several thousands. If you want to rent art elements in the refined table, adapted furniture or kitchen appliance effectively in chair hire London will find what you are looking for.

Personal trainer to work in London

If I’m not mistaken this is the first offer that comes to trainers or fitness instructors and may be fine if you have an acceptable level of English . The duties of this position include helping clients achieve their goals and their personal health to individual level. Are being sought ambitious people, who have a passion for working within the field of health and fitness industry. It will be important to present a diploma certifying you as a graduate INEF or titles of courses to be personal or similar coach.

City:  London

English level:  Medium-High

Instructions for requesting the workplace:  You must send the  formal curriculum vitae  in English to the following website: Personal trainer NYC 

Degree in Mechanical Engineering in London. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering programs in London

Mechanical Engineering

A degree is a degree of four years and is the standard for higher education in most of the world. Bachelor’s degrees are available in state universities, private universities, community colleges and universities across the Internet.

A degree program in Mechanical Engineering with vong bi NTN inhabits the development and maintenance of control systems and transform energy. Technical skills are facilitated to ensure that graduates develop and produce devices used to make human life easier. The engineering course launch careers in a wide range of fields from medicine to education, among others.

UK, United Kingdom is over 300 years old and consists of four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK has been a center of learning for the past 1,000 years and has many ancient and distinguished universities. Foreign students represent a significant proportion of the student population at universities in the UK.

London is the capital of the UK, the most populous region, where the royal family lives. It has the largest concentration of higher education in Europe, with 412,000 students from 43 universities.

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Get all Bachelor program information and contact the school in London here!