10 films to explore London


London is a city of cinema, and not only to live. The British capital has been chosen countless times by different directors to be the perfect setting where they develop their films.


Almost without realizing it we see along the city we found several places we already know, and not to you have been before them, but having them seen seated in an arm chair watching the big screen.


This is why it is possible to discover London in an original way, following in the foot steps of some of the films that have been shot there. There are many and very good. DittoTV has selected 10 great films that travel around the city, in a cinema” route for lovers of the seventh art, or you are able to watch movies online at home by launching movie2k.

Match Point


Considered one of the great works of Woody Allen, this film leaves us plenty ofscenarios throughout the city. Since Gherking office building, where the father ofChloe gives Chris a good work, to the apartment where the couple lived on the banksof the Thames, the Parliament View Apartments.


These are not the only scenarios that offers the film in London, where it is alsopossible to find the apartment of Nola (Glentworth Street) or several theatres thatserve as scene throughout the film as the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, andNola has hearing, or the Palace Theatre, very near the Soho where Chris and Chloe goto see a representation.


But without a doubt it is the bridge from Blackfriars, in full Queen completo Walkwhich has a starring role in the film, as it is the site chosen to throw the ring into theriver.

James Bond


The famous superspy has had more than one adventure in the British capital. We could see it in the middle of persecution by boat on the Thames in the film the worldis not enough, and more recently, Skyfall, where we saw our hero running throughLondon‘s underground Temple, Embankment and Westminster stations.


In addition to persecution, the city gives us scenarios like the Vauxhall Cross building,used in the film as headquarters of the British secret intelligence service, the Old RoyalNaval College at Greenwich, where takes place the funeral for the victims of theterrorist attack, or the interior of the National Gallery, where Bond and theQuartermaster gather and where talking picture “The last voyage of the bold” whichby the way, you will find exposed there.

The Dark Knight Rises


The old Battersea power station was used to shoot the great explosion that takesplace in the film. It is not the first time this plant appears in some movie, because hehad already previously formed part of the film starring the Beatles, Help!, and had alsoappeared in any episode of the series Sherlock.

Love Actually


One of the most famous romantic comedies of the past few years and that also choseLondon as a backdrop. With it we will visit stores Selfridges, where Harry buys apendant from her lover; the Southbank, where Sam has his stepfather that he is in love with; Downing Street, site of the home of the British Prime Minister; or Whiteleys,the oldest shopping galleries of London and is in addition to our next film actor.



With a cast composed of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Clive Owen,couples and infidelity story still discovering corners of London. Perhaps the mostremembered is Postman Park, a small park located near the Cathedral of Saint Pauland that is a fundamental part in the plot of the film. But in the film is see us also theLondon Aquarium, located at the foot of the London Eye, where Anna (Julia Roberts)and Larry (Clive Owen) have an appointment, or already named above galleriesWhiteleys, where Anna made his photography exhibition.

Mary Poppins


This magical nanny film leads up to the steps of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, where itwas filmed the scene from the selling of bread for pigeons and even the Bank ofEngland, in the heart of the City, and where the small Banks demanded return youyour penny.


Also refers to a house in the area of Camden that could serve as inspiration for therealization of the film House.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill en el banco

Another quintessential romantic comedies was responsible for putting thisneighborhood name on everyone‘s lips. Walking through its streets will find, in addition to the library of travel in which the film was inspired (13-15 Blenhein Street)and the House of the actor (280 Westbourne Park), in addition to the famousPortobello market.


Already out of the neighborhood, the film leads us to scenarios such as the Ritz, nearPiccadilly hotel, or the teatro Empire, a place where the latest film by Anna (Julia Roberts), and which can be found in the number 5-6 Leicester Square opens.

Bridget Jones’s diary


It is another romantic comedies that leaves us plenty of scenarios in London. FromBorough Market, where Bridget buys a snack after his disappointment in love, to yourfloor, over The Globe pub, also in the area of Borough Market.

28 days later


Film with which we follow Jim in your ride to leave the hospital by Westminster Bridge,at the foot of Big Ben, and even the source of Picadilly Circus, hallucinating to find anempty London without people on the streets.

Harry Potter


The great Wizard of J.K.Rowling in this list, who throughout the different films thatmake up the saga is discovering us small corners of London could not miss. The first,Leadenhall Market, a covered market in which was recorded the entry of the LeakyCauldron, which in another of his films was the number 2 of Park Street, on the insideof a flower shop in Borough Market.


On the banks of the River Thames, Tower bridge, Lambeth bridge and the modernMillennium bridge appear throughout the different films. We must not fail to visitRegents Park, in whose terrarium Harry speaks with a snake, or the famous Platform 9¾, which features an honorary space in the interior of King’s Cross Station.


If you are very fan of this wizard not may leave one of London without visit Studiosproducer Warner has in Watford Junction, on the outskirts of London, and where mostof the scenes in the films were recorded.


These are perhaps the most famous, but there are many films that chose London forhis story, some as known as the speech of the King (Regents Park and WembleyStadium), Sweeny Tood (Fleet Street), Sherlock Holmes, V for Vendeta, ClockworkOrange, code da Vinci (Westminster Abbey and Church of Temple), the trap, etc.


The list is endless, so you can always explore London feeling protagonist of some ofyour favorite movies.

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